The Danny Bastos Collective

"The Danny Bastos Collective" formed in Denver, CO in 2010 and has been blending the roots of Rock, Jazz, Blues & Reggae to create a music that is a sound mix of Santana to Led Zeppelin to Stevie Wonder to Steely Dan & with the jam spirit of Widespread Panic and The Grateful Dead.

Danny Bastos - Guitars/Vocals

Danny has been playing guitar/piano/bass and singing around Denver and greater Colorado since 2009 playing any gig from solo jazz and singing Brazilian music at hotels and old folks homes to rockin' crowds with "The DBC" at places like Cervante's, The Goat Soup & Whiskey, The Walnut Room, Dazzle, and more!

Also a music educator/instructor and teacher, Danny feels that the music he composes is a vision into the world sound of American Blues, Rock & Jazz with the infusion of the Brazilian Samba and Afro-Cuban rhythms and grooves and a burning inspiration to improvise and take the audience along on the musical journey.

Zack Markle - Pianos/Keyboards

Local Denver pianist/keyboardist and producer, Zack Markle, met Danny in Denver performing with The Atomic Brass Project, a collection of horn players and music teachers across Denver. Playing 70's funk ranging from Steely Dan, Earth Wind & Fire to Stevie Wonder and being deeply influenced by classical pianists like Chopin, Beethoven & Lizst, Zack & Danny clicked right away and began collaborating musically!

Being a Hip-Hop producer, Zack Markle, was a huge help in the independent recording process during the course of "THE DANNY BASTOS COLLECTIVE" sessions! Helping set up microphones on the drum kit, the congas, and with his stash of sweet microphones, Zack was a true part of the collective in bringing the music to life!

Trent Campbell - Bass Guitar

Fellow Berklee Grad & Denver local, Trent Campbell, met Danny here in Denver at Dazzle, the best Jazz Club in Denver! Trent's influences from Hip Hop to Funk and artists like Beck sync perfectly in tune with the rhythmic necessities of Danny's music. A knowledgeable musician who produces his own Hip Hop beats, is also a music teacher around the local Denver area and is involved with the School of Rock program!

Trent was an integral part to the independent recording process during "THE DANNY BASTOS COLLECTIVE" sessions! Either plugged in and laying down sweet, melodic bass lines or behind the board helping set levels, Trent, was helping bring the music to life and making his own mark on the record and in the band!

John "JB" Bunting - Percussion

How Denver local, John "JB" Bunting, & Danny Bastos met is a classic tale of a successful craigslist connection! JB joined Danny in the roots of the Collective when Danny was playing solo acoustic shows around Denver Open Mics, Coffeehouses, Jazz and Wine Clubs.

Within no time, JB and Danny assembled with everyone and have been climbing the ladder of the Denver music scene! JB is the rock that makes the crowd dance, shake and move with his infectious conga rhythms or his sweet touches on the chimes, shakers, cymbals, and whatever toy JB may pull out of the box!

JB helped become a huge contributing factor during the independent recording of "THE DANNY BASTOS COLLECTIVE" sessions because having worked as a sound engineer for various venues and as a studio musician in studios across the country, JB brought his experience & wisdom along with great humor & attitude, to make this project a memorable experience!

Zach West - Drums

Denver local and fellow music teacher, Zach West, met Danny while teaching at the Flesher Hinton Music Store. Zach has been playing drums in the Denver music scene for years and has graced the stage at Red Rocks! A true musician, Zach has an ear for music and has an amazing ability to share that with his students, which makes him a great collaborator on the music of Danny Bastos.

During the independent recording process of "THE DANNY BASTOS COLLECTIVE" sessions, Zach came in and laid down his drum beats like a pro nailing some his parts in a few takes! What makes his playing really special is his ability to master the drum set with only a three piece set of kick drum, snare drum & hi-hat topping it off with a splash of cymbals that drive the music through each section!



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