An EP called Songs For a Red Bird will be released on November 5th. On
it, Joshua Britton deals with things that matter (darkness, heartache,
forgiveness, and perseverance) through simple but effective imagery;
buffalo, trees, birds, barns, the moon, the ocean. Four songs were
written during a collaboration with local songwriter Joshua Park, and
Britton recorded five additional, older songs with producer Kevin
Killen. However, by the end of mixing, Killen and Britton whittled the
nine down to six songs. Since Psalmships’ start in 2009, Britton has
continued to add personnel to the line-ups that join him in the studio
and on stage, at times forgoing the stark minimalism of his
mostly-solo outings for more expansive, frenetic and intense
performances. Songs For a Red Bird boasts first appearances from Kiley
Ryan (who eschews the fiddle for a banjo), Phil D’Agostino, and Joshua
Park. Longtime members Brad Hinton and producer/multi-instrumentalist
Kevin Killen also perform on the twelfth record by Psalmships.

Emily Easterly

With a mix of D.I.Y. attitude, guitar proficiency, and songwriting
skills modeled after Cat Power and "Exile in Guyville"-era Liz Phair,
Emily Easterly made her debut in 2001 with the self-released
"Assembling Emily". In 2002 "Cole" arrived and "Seasons Never Change"
followed in 2005, boasting an intimate, stripped-down sound that
reflected upon the singer’s four-year stay in sunny Miami; Easterly
subsequently moved to Brooklyn to pursue her craft full-time. Inspired
by Neil Young, the Beatles, and Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar, "Heart
Comma Heart" arrived in late 2007. The following year, Easterly teamed
up with fellow songwriter JSeger to record a split single, "Please,
Please Say Goodnight/City Love Is Strange," which was released on
45-rpm vinyl that fall. In the fall of 2009, Easterly released a new
single, “The Only Two On Earth”. With a recent move from Brooklyn, NY
to Asheville, NC in 2011, Easterly has been writing, demoing new songs
and learning to play the drums. Her new EP is called "Get Bothered"
and was released in September 2013.

Kettle Pot Black

Kettle Pot Black is primarily one man, Michael Batchelor, who writes—as well as sings and plays guitar on—every KPB track. Batchelor's songs are formed in a passionate moment and fed by a lifetime of naivety, misunderstanding and hope. He has spent years writing in an attempt to reconcile his conservative, rural upbringing with his own beliefs that stand squarely at odds with those of his former townsfolk. The sound he's arrived at is equal parts Punk Rock and 1950's Country, bound together by insistent narrative and big hooks.

The band he's formed has been performing for the last few years in a variety of formats—regularly as an ensemble ranging from two to five players. Michael Batchelor, along with primary KPB members BJ Capelli and John Zonk, have done well to keep their songs heartfelt, emotionally honest and lyrically interesting.

TJ Kong's solo performances are a mad cowboy diatribe through the American songbook as read by a man tearing out pages for kindling. His music has been described as a rare blend of jump blues, tear-in-your-beer balladry, dustbowl folk, soul, honky tonk and Sun Studios rock 'n roll. Or as one critic put it: "A cross between The Mountain Goats, Tom Waits and the ghost of Captain Beefheart serenading the crowd at a drunken rodeo." Since the release of their first full length album, "Idiots" in the Spring of 2010, TJ Kong and Co. have spent most of their time touring the country and becoming more or less a machine of soulful joy. Their newest record is called "Manufacturing Joy."



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