The shamelessly eccentric Houston-born rapper and pop culture icon, Riff Raff, will join the ranks of Bonde do Role, Bosco Delrey, Po Po, Dillon Francis, Rusko, Maluca, Zebra Katz and head honcho, Diplo as the newest artist to sign to Mad Decent! After climbing up the media ranks, Riff Raff is gearing up to record material for Mad Decent for his highly anticipated 2013 studio album debut. His incomparable drawl and massive viral presence have led to standout collaborations with Soulja Boy, Kid Sister, Chief Keef, Action Bronson and most recently Kitty Pryde.

Team Latchkey

Team-Latchkey is the collaborative effort of both Teamo Supreamo and The Latchkey Kids. Two local Denver Hip-Hop groups comprised of six total members; Morning After, Dealz Makes Beats, Big Keim, B-Smith, Jay Gunna, and DJ Hobo. Who were all brought together by Morning After and Big Keim by the common pastime of freestyle. From there the group was gradually assembled as the artists continued to meet and write songs. With the exception of Big Keim who doesn't write any rhymes, strictly freestyle. The group has recently released their first EP, The Lint Kickers. Available in the Reverbstore that has received nothing but positive response by both the public and the press.

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