LAKE originated in Olympia, WA back in the summer of 2006. Eli, Lindsay, and Ashley played a show for Eli's birthday party, which could be considered the first show. When LAKE first stumbled upon their bandname, the members were Lindsay Schief, Ashley Eriksson, Kenny Tarantino, and Eli Moore. Over the next couple years, Kenny left the band and Adam Oelsner, Andrew Dorsett, and Markly Morrison joined.
The first album, "Lake", was recorded and produced by Karl Blau in Anacortes, WA, at the Department of Safety. This album features temporary member, Micah Davis-Wheeler, on harmonica plus vocalizations and other instruments.
The next album was recorded at two different houses where band members were living in Olympia: the Puget House, and at Calliope, where Lindsay was living at the time. Many recordings feature members of the band "Typhoon" from Portland, OR. The LAKE "cassette" was released on tape only, for the first year, and then Funkytonk Records offered to put the album out on vinyl with two added tracks from the same sessions that hadn't made it onto the tape release.
That fall, LAKE toured for the first time opening up for Adrian Orange, and playing as his back-up band, a.k.a. "Her Band", on that tour.
Many of the songs recorded for the "cassette" were intended to be recorded with Tucker Martine in Seattle, but were postponed due to his move to Portland. As soon as he was ready, the recording process began, and LAKE and Martine continued to record on and off for the next two years. This is a very special record that has yet to be released.
While this album with Tucker was underway, LAKE decided to record another album at home (on Whidbey Island, in Olympia, and at a friend's house in Portland.) This album is called Oh, the Places We'll Go. The title is a nod to Dr. Suess and his book, Oh, the Places You'll Go.
LAKE toured with their album, Oh, the Places, in Europe, and while on tour, found out that local Olympia record label, K records, wanted to put out the album. This is why there are two different versions of this release: LAKE's original self-release, and then the K records release. Calvin Johnson, Karl Blau, and Ben Hargett helped record one or all of these albums.
K records has been a home to LAKE and their album releases ever since. After Oh, the Places, came Let's Build A Roof and now Giving & Receiving.
LAKE recorded two albums in 2012. The first one, the World Is Real, was recorded at the K records Dub Narcotic Studio with engineering assistance from Ben Hargett. The other album, Circular Doorway, was engineered by Nic Wilbur and produced by Karl Blau at the Unknown in Anacortes. Circular Doorway is being self-released by LAKE under the record label name, Water Island. The World is Real will be coming out on K records in the end of summer 2013.



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