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Mallu Magalhães

Born in 1992 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Mallu has emerged as one of Brazil's most beloved musical

talents. Her musical career began at the age of 8 when her father gifted her with a guitar.

Her talents were quick to blossom, and at the age of 12 she began composing, writing many

of her songs in English, and displaying abilities on the harmonica, melodica, and banjo, in

addition to the guitar. On her 15th birthday Mallu asked that her parents and grandparents

give her their gifts in cash, and with it she went into the studio to record four songs, which

within two months of being uploaded online received over a million plays.

Mallu quickly gained a lot of attention. She soon appeared on local television and had

her songs featured in ads for Motorola and Vivo, Brazil's largest phone carrier. As her

career flourished she found herself gracing the covers of major Brazilian newspapers and

was featured in Rolling Stone, Istoe, and Epoca, as well as many others.

That same year Mallu joined forces with world-class producer Mário Caldato Jr., whose

résumé includes works with the Beastie Boys, Jack Johnson, and Beck, among others. She

recorded her first album of 12 original songs and the self-titled, independently released

work ended up being one of that year's most significant releases in South America.

During the tour for her first album Mallu was introduced as Brazil's newest star, and

performed at the country's largest festivals including Planeta Terra, and the Sudoest TMN

festival in Portugal; she was the first artist from Brazil to participate in the MTV World

Design Studio.

Her relationship with Sony Music began in 2009 with the launch of her second album, which

was produced by Kassin (Caetano Veloso, Vanessa da Mata). Named by Rolling Stone Brazil

as one of the best that year, the album was supported by performances in Canada, Spain,

and Portugal.

With sold-out concerts across the country, Mallu began her involvement in the fashion

world. She performed live at shows for major Brazilian stylists and brands such as Ronaldo

Fraga and Maria Bonita Extra. In 2012, Mallu Signed on to design a t-shirt collection for Ellus


floor, a brand leader in the premium rock and roll jeanswear segment. (Think 7 FAM



After a long tour Mallu went back to the studio in 2011 to record her third album, Pitanga.

On board was producer Marcelo Camelo, leader of the band Los Hermanos, who was able to

capture the soul of Mallu's evolution as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.

The songs have the flair and breeziness of her home country, with samba and bossa nova,

and are peppered with the folk/country twang that made her famous. To match the album's

mood, a world of retro colors and soft images was created, with the cover, drawn by

Mallu herself, and the video "Velha e Louca," the first music video to be launched in movie

theaters in Brazil.

Recent collaborations include Brazilian musical institution, Tom Zé, on whose 2012 album

Mallu participated. That same year she was back on the road for the "Pitanga" tour, where

she played throughout all of Brazil; that summer she performed in New York at MoMA

(Museum of Modern Art) to an adoring crowd.

Mallu's new album, a U.S. only release called Highly Sensitive includes tracks in both English

and Portuguese, combining material from her previous three albums, which were released

in Brazil and other territories. Music lovers of all nationalities will thus be able to embrace

Mallu's exuberant musicality regardless of language. From the barn-burner "Angelina

Angelina" (in English), to one of her most well-known classics "Velha e Louca," this 15-track

oeuvre will give American audiences a comprehensive overview of one of Brazil's most

charming exports.

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