Nublu 13- Davi Vieira's Forro & More

DJ Greg Caz

One-half of the Brazilian Beat Brooklyn team that has been holding down Sundays at BK's Black Betty for 6 years, and is responsible for those "Baile Funk 1 & 2" mix CDs some of you may have purchased. Or maybe those "Viva O Samba" and "Soul Of Samba-Rock" CDs. Others may know me from my longtime Wednesday night residency at Nublu in the East Village alongside Forro In The Dark. Others still may have encountered me in the decade-plus I've been plying New York venues with the choicest funk + soul + reggae + Latin + jazz + rock + etc + etc + etc.... For what I'm "about," see the Music entry primarily. For what I'm "about" in a different sense, it's all about good vibes and spreading love. But I'd make a lousy hippie despite that sincere statement, not just because of my excellent hygiene habits, but also because of my sharp awareness of the world we live in and my utter, cynical disgust at the follies of mankind.



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