Gowanus Open Studios 2013, Triangle Magic: Exhibit by John Felix Arnold III

Gowanus Open Studios 2013

Littlefield is proud to be a part of this year's Gowanus Open Studios with a special exhibit by John Felix Arnold III!

Over 200 artist studios will be open to the public on Saturday, October 19, and Sunday, October 20, from noon to 6pm.

For one weekend each year, artists working in the former factories, warehouses and studio buildings in Gowanus invite the public to visit their studios, see their work, and talk about their process. Last year 150 artists welcomed over 3,000 visitors into their studios. GOS 2013 is presented by Arts Gowanus, a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization made up of artists and arts organizations working to support each other, strengthen connections to our community, and to ensure the Gowanus neighborhood continues to be a thriving and creative community of art-makers and art-appreciators.

Triangle Magic: Exhibit by John Felix Arnold III

John Felix Arnold III and Littlefield are pleased to present Triangle Magic, an exhibition of new mixed media works. Triangle Magic will be Arnold's first exhibition with Littlefield since the groundbreaking Eat Peter to Feed Paul in March of 2012.

The pieces in Triangle Magic once again come from Arnold's world of Unstoppable Tomorrow. In this world human kind's obsessive drive to dominate and innovate leads to the reset of civilization and a rebirth of what it is to be “human” within the struggles they have endured and the lives they still maintain. The work for this exhibition continues to examine what Arnold sees as an impending shift in human evolution and hones in on the findings of an archaeological dig by researchers and historians 400 years after the coming of the Astroknots and the birth of Unstoppable Tomorrow.

The exhibition explores triangular artifacts assembled from narrative remnants by surviving documentarians and artisans immediately following the reset of human kind. The artifacts found are storytelling mechanisms used in ceremonies and rituals to document the struggles of this bleak new world, carrying the history and knowledge of such events into the future.

Triangle Magic invites viewers to challenge their perception of the here and now and use their imaginations to examine themselves far in the future. This allows the viewer to look back at what we now deem to be a future-primitive world where we re-embrace community and the basic principles of compassion and survival. Arnold intends for the pieces to be a part of his larger narrative that deals with social and environmental issues in our present world, as well as pieces of his own journey.

John Felix Arnold III works and lives in Oakland, CA. He was born in Durham, North Carolina in 1980. He was exposed to the mid 80s New York City art scene as a child, while his father was with Pilobolus Dance Theatre. His mind was blown. He graduated Pratt Institute in 2002 with a BFA in Communication Design and in 2006 moved to San Francisco to study Graduate Printmaking at San Francisco Art Institute. Arnold has shown all over the world with recent exhibitions at Spes-Lab Gallery in Tokyo and the SFMOMA. He has been celebrated in the press by Kimberly Chun’s 96 Hours, Hi-Fructose, Fecal Face dot com, Impose Magazine, SFWeekly, SF Bay Guardian, Frank 151, Red One Press, East Bay Express, Common Magazine, Juxtapoz, and more. Catch him where you can.



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