Lebanon Hanover, Weeknight, Selofan, The Harrow

Lebanon Hanover

If you have listened to the PTP Radio show on KXLU any time in the 12 months, then of course you already know LEBANON HANOVER are one of PTP's new favorite band of recent years. Mixing menace and allure, interweaving sparse sequencer lines with angular guitar chops and seductive bass leads, these are the sounds of the New German Wave. For fans of "Garlands" era Cocteau Twins and their 4ad labelmates, Xmal Deutschland and Clan Of Xymox.

"Comprised of New York based duo known simply as Holly and Andy, Weeknight create the sort of languid, obfuscous pop that swirls slightly menacingly through your eardrums. The interlocking male-female vocals contain both beauty and enigmatic characteristics, whether it be the bass heavy Devil or the glitchy Dark Light (Warrior), the crackling guitar lines and other-worldly lyrics elevate Weeknight above many of their synth-led contemporaries. Whilst it's clearly lacking big budget production, the Depeche Mode vibes are prominent throughout, as are the loosely scattered shoegaze percussion sections. All in all, this debut EP entitled Dark Dark Lights is an extremely accomplished trio of tracks." - Crack In The Road


Analogue synths, minimal sound, experimental tunes by a newcomer from Greece using only analogue equipment (Moog Voyager, Roland SH101, Roland TR727), SELOFAN produces music in their living room and regard it as "retro-minimal. Look for their breath-taking debut LP on Fabrika Records! (Labelmates of Lebanon Hanover, She Past Away and Die Selektion!)

The Harrow

The Harrow is an elegant means of capital punishment: a series of needles to inflict torture, pain, and understanding. Words are the punishment, carved elegantly into the skin until the victim dies. Just before he expires, the condemned truly accepts the nature of his crimes.



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