Nerd Nite 52: music-> MATH <- art

Nerd Nite is like the backyard wrestling version of TED. Each month three intellectual obsessives, drinks in hand, lead the audience through topics culled from the ivory towers of academia and the weird basements of geekdom. For more socially-inclined nerds, speed-dating, friend-matching and a curated pop-up library are also on offer. ASL interpreter usually provided.

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[ASL interpreter is provided]

We also do speed dating, friend making, and run a curated pop-up library.

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The Best of All Possible Worlds: Grażyna Bacewicz’s Music & the Conflicting Forces in Post-War Poland, 1948-1956 -Sam Spetalnick Harmonics in math, art and music -Fumiko Futamura Music IS Math -Tiffany Criswell

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