The Dandy Lions, Sunhaze

The Dandy Lions

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...

There lived a boy who dreamt of becoming an astronaut/ jedi / batman /king / doctor/ Olympian/ vampire, and after years, and years of intense training and schooling he realized he wielded an amazing talent for writing mediocre songs.
He then met the worlds most handsome/gifted bass player, and convinced him to play drums instead. They gave up their hopes, talents, and dreams to bring you and your children the tunes of... The Dandy lions


Sunhaze embodies the diverse landscape of their Californian roots. Surf-pop guitars and atmospheric synth amidst melancholic melodies create an aural environment influenced by coastlines and city streets. Their debut album Wishful Thinking was released on October 7th, 2016.

The English Language

The English Language started out like most bands, playing covers of the rock masters that have come before, spending years perfoming under different names, at parties, clubs and bars, building their knowledge base and perfecting the sounds from rock's salad days through their repetoire. Bands like The Beatles, The Kinks, The Who, Pink Floyd, Donovan, early Rolling Stones and The Doors paved the way for what was to become TEL's own original material. The band's personnel matches, with the trio of Kyle Langlois, Mark Danley and Tristan Perotti providing all the jangle-pop guitars, harmonized vocals and fuzzy haze associated with the neo-psycedelia genre. You can hear the rock 'n' roll ghosts clanging away beneath TEL's pop-rock essence.


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Get your spooky moods groovin' two days before HALLOWEEN 2013! This is gonna be a dark, dancey, and dandy one so throw on that intensely crazy costume, blood, and mud.

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