Dark Elektronik / Retro Elektro/ Industrial/ IDM/
Alternative Dj Extraordinaire & Independent Promoter.

Artists played shows with include:
Cevin Key, Download, Edward Ka-Spel & Silverman (of Legendary Pink Dots), Venetian Snares. Otto Von Schirach, Cyrusrex, Dead Voices On AIr, Destroid, Cruxshadows, London After Midnight, Baseck, Wet Mango, Itchy-O Marching Band, Blackcell, Orbit Service, Lost Network. Torso, Wiretrap, Cyborganix, Shadowcaster, Kontrolled Demolition & too many others to mention. I have played with dozens of Dj's as well.

Dark Elektronik / Retro Elektro/ Industrial/ IDM/
Alternative Dj Extraordinaire & Independent Promoter. Resident DJ of Backwards Records.
Former Resident Dj of Fast Forward Sundays @ Sutra, Backwards Records Night @Kazmos Lounge & Launchpad Denver.


To provoke thought through imagery, VJ DizyPixl (Alie Lane, Denver CO) fuses everyday images of pop culture, current events and motion graphics to produce live interactive visual installations. With an inherent love of art and imagery, DizyPixl's presentations offer open personal interpretation while providing an intense backdrop to many genres of music.

Using film clips, found footage and computer graphics as the basis of her work, the self-taught VJ recalls her inspirations of early expressionist film maker Fritz Lang; later avant garde filmmakers Stan Brakhage, Meya Darren, and Alejandro Jodorowsky and inspired performance visuals of Meat Beat Manifesto and Skinny Puppy.

DizyPixl is currently working with cEvin Key(Skinny Puppy) during his Tokyo Decadence tour and just finished a North American tour with Subconscious Communications(Subcon Beyond Fest) that featured Download, Otto Von Schirach and Dead Voices On Air.

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Milk Underground is proud to host a whole new night of new genres such as: Witch House, Grave Wave, Synth Core, Industrial, EBM and More!
INVOCATION 2 features a live set from Blackcell, DJ sets from Mudwulf and Bockhacker, along with visuals by Haunted Eric & VJ DizyPixl.

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