The Supraphonics, The Excellent Gentlemen

The Supraphonics

The Supraphonics are a mixture of vintage soul and modern R&B. All members are deeply rooted in old school groove like James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and Al Green but offer original music with a modern twist. They've managed combine the old and the new with a fresh new take on Soul and R&B that's truly their own. With a background in gospel, Lindsey Reightley delivers exhilarating vocals that make you believe that THAT is how it should be done! The other members of the Supraphonics act as one big rhythm section playing seamless, tight cut after cut just like they did in the golden years of Detroit!

The Excellent Gentlemen

The Excellent Gentlemen plays danceable, vocal Soul R&B music. Think 70s block parties and golden-age hip-hop records. Growing up together in New York forged a bond between these musicians that is evident in their lock-tight pockets and seemingly telepathic stage interactions. Be prepared for an evening of booty shaking because this music stands for positivity, love, happiness and getting sexy! Their grooves are ferocious yet steeped in sweet soulful mojo. It's the perfect yin and yang for a funktastic experience.

$7 advance • $10 day of show


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