FULLY TOURQUED: Monsters Scare You, Victory Heights, Lion I Am

Victory Heights

Victory Heights has made their name as one of the most anticipated, up and coming unsigned American post-hardcore acts of 2012. The band has set out to steal hearts all around the world. Their charisma and personality, combined with their catchy yet honest and hard hitting music has made their goal a reality. They make a point of representing themselves as a positive and fun group of people. The quintet is characterized by a critically acclaimed an energetically unmatched live show. They have found their musical niche on the fine line between hard hitting metal core and bouncy, fun pop music. It is no mystery that the music industry is one of the toughest to succeed in. However, one thing is clear to anyone who has seen the band perform or listened to their music: Victory Heights is here to stay. Victory Heights is more than a band; it is more than five dudes on stage playing music; it is more than CD's and shows; Victory Heights is a movement. Expect big things from these boys.
It's not very often a group of five guys can sit elbow to elbow in a small van on the road for months at a time, and still come back home better friends than when they left. It is also unlikely that these same five guys can spend countless hours working, writing complex music, booking tours, promoting, even living together, and still want to spend time together at the end of the night. The music industry is unlike anything else. It is brutal, heart-crushing, and very difficult to succeed in. It takes a life-time of constant dedication to reach the top, and no matter how far you go, there is always someone standing right next to you, waiting for you make a mistake and take your place. But even though it may be hard, the music industry has its perks. If musicians work hard and hold onto constant motivation and perseverance, the rewards are amazing; A lifestyle unlike anything else, getting to experience things and see places very few people could even dream of; Meeting other musicians and fans that are inspired and motivated by you, some whom may say their life was saved by your music, though, the most incredible of all: that feeling you get, walking into the spotlight, in front of an ocean of people, all waiting to see a mere 30 minutes of what you've perfected to do best, what you have worked your entire life towards, what you are dedicated to and are most proud of. It is this exact feeling that keeps us all going, what keeps us working through thick and thin, and why the five of us won't stop, even when we reach the top. This is who we are, and where we have come thus far. We are Victory Heights.

Lion I Am

We are Lion I Am. A San Diego based band made up of five dudes, all from different backgrounds, but with one passion, which is making music we love and want to hear. We are constantly striving to bring something new to the table while staying true to our hardcore roots.

Monsters Scare You

Monsters Scare You! is a post-hardcore/electro band from Seattle, Washington formed in the winter of 2008. In their short existence they have created an enthusiastic fan base with the combination of pop, metal and electronica. Their sound has been compared to Attack Attack!, Asking Alexandria and Enter Shikari.

In 2010, Monsters Scare You! went into the studio to work with Engineer/Produced Joel "Casey Jones" to release their "Teratophobia" EP. In support of the release of "Teratophobia," Monsters Scare You! hit the road on an entire West Coast tour consisting of 23 shows in 25 days. With increasing crowds and buzz, Monsters Scare You! have set themselves up for success in a big way.

Monsters Scare You! has started 2011 with a bang with more touring under their belt and became the #2 unsigned band in AP magazine. Stay tuned more will be coming in the very near future from this band.


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