Buckner Funkenjazz

Buckner Funkenjazz

Jazz gangster movie, Rod Buckner dove, trumpet in hand, behind the drum set to avoid the storm of bullets hitting the stage. Fresh out of college in the early 70's, Buckner was gigging around Denver every night with a 10 piece band, jamming hard on Isley Brothers and Tower of Power grooves. No one was seriously injured, but Buckner did catch a round in his knee as he dove for safety.
"Buckylove" as Rod is known in Denver, survived that gig, bullets and all, and together with his brother, Ron "Bsix" Buckner, formed the 8 piece funk/jazz machine known as BUCKNER FUNKEN JAZZ. BFJ has built a solid reputation at the best Colorado venues for their well honed, supremely funky stage show. BFJ Delivers Old School Funk with such authenticity and intensity, They are known to keep the crowd funken for hours - nonstop. Their sets can blow up the party or implode with quiet intensity, seamlessly transitioning through Miles and Monk to Maceo, and back again.
Buckner Funken Jazz is a true original-recipe, old school funk band. BFJ earned its Funk pedigree by mixing funk grooves and well honed jazz into the stankiest, funkiest, grooviest stage- pounding party show in Denver. BFJ is available for your private party or event, just hit us up.

In Due Time

Blaring horns. Funky rhythm section. Hot singers. And a room full of dancing people. In Due Time makes a groove so fat, it wears Al Roker’s old clothes, a jam so tasty, your grandma puts it in her ambrosia, and a beat so hot it makes Beelzebub sweat. The six piece Denver funk band consistently fills local music halls with fresh sounds and, more importantly, dancing people. Book In Due Time and you’ll see why: Music comes first. Boundaries get broken. And everybody, everybody is invited to come on in.

Snackcakes & Beer

Snackcakes & Beer: Combining the sweet, cream-filled rush of Shaun Nelson with the ice-cold, should-have-in-moderation, warm buzz of Brady. FREE snackcakes at every show. That alone makes this the greatest musical act of all time.

We are like if Oskar Blues and Little Debbie had a love child, and it was given up to be adopted and raised by Jimi Hendrix.



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