Revolution, I Love You (Release Show)

Revolution, I Love You

Revolution, I Love You culls elements from across the pop spectrum, including gritty indie rock guitars, dance and hip hop beats, dramatic choruses, loops, and synthesizers, and uses them to strange and somewhat psychedelic effect. Origivation Magazine called Revolution, I Love You “deconstructed pop music...Costello and The Boss and Phil Spector sucked through a rusty filter of industrialized, hipster dance music.”

R,ILY has toured the US east coast with German rock band Pandora’s Bliss, performed at Musikfest 2012 (headlined by MGMT), and MusicUnderFire named R,ILY’s single, "Cotton Shirts," one of their Top 100 Tracks of 2012.

City Rain

Philadelphia's electro-pop duo, City Rain, known for their high energy live performance, inspirational lyrics and beautifully shot music videos, was reformed in 2012 by Ben Runyan (vocals, keys, guitar) and Scott Cumpstone (guitar). The band experienced instant acclaim as their first single’s official video, "The Optimist” was featured on VEVO and hit MTV’s airwaves. Most recently, USA Today premiered the official video of City Rain’s latest single ‘Join The Human Race.' Both singles are a part of the band’s new full length LP entitled, “Songs For A High School Dance,” released May 6, 2014. Runyan described the album saying "Songs For A High School Dance captures the youthful fervor of a world wide open. After the seemingly never ending ambiguity of the postcollege life, Songs For A High School Dance finds the listener with hope, purpose, and a reclamation of identity.”

W.C. Lindsay

W. C. Lindsay is a duality. Chill/Rage. Digital/Analog. Acoustic/Electric. Light/Heavy. Traditional/Original. Folk/Dub. Build/Destroy. The duality of human existence is not lost on me. If it isn't lost on you, we can begin.

Your Ghost

Your Ghost is an American rock band from West Chester, PA formed in 2009 by Austin Gray [Vocals/Guitar] and Josh Giannone [Bass/Vocals]. The addition of Dillon Piersol [Drums] in 2012 rounded out the 3-Piece lineup. Your Ghost blends pop melodies with heavy overtones to create a reminiscent sound that has earned the band comparisons to Nirvana and The White Stripes. Their uncanny song crafting coupled with high intensity live performances make Your Ghost something to experience.

Your Ghost released a demo E.P. in Fall 2011 available for free download. They began recording their debut full-length album in early 2012.

Your Ghost is an 3-Piece Rock Band from West Chester,Pennsylvania consisting of Austin Gray [Vox/Guitar], Josh Giannone [Bass], and Dillon Piersol [Drums].
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" If Nirvana married The White Stripes and had a super baby, you would have YOUR GHOST. The vocals are the bands signature; their haunting whispers, backed by their fierce and at times a little unsettling (in that good way) bass riffs captivate an audience.

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