Cornmeal has never been a band to shy away from reinvention and after over a decade, they
are proving just that as the band sets out with a newly reformed lineup, a fresh energetic
sound and heads back into the studio to nish their long awaited rst studio album after
almost 6 years. A nationally recognized live music institution, Cornmeal is heavily inuenced
by American roots and folk music and seamlessly blends lightning fast tempos and
impeccable harmonies into an unrivaled live performance that continues to expand upon
the ve-piece acoustic-electric groups’ vast musical repertoire. While steeped in the tradition
of the past, Cornmeal continues to forge a path all their own, pushing the boundaries of
bluegrass, Americana and folk for a whole new generation of music lovers. With a growing
fan base and ever-evolving sound, Cornmeal challenges the recipe of bluegrass and live

With the release of their debut album “In The Kitchen” (2001 Livin’ Live records), Cornmeal
secured its place as one of the top bands in its genre. 2003’s “Tales from Magic Stone
Mountain” (Livin’ Live records) garnered much critical attention and became a staple on
College and AAA top 10 lists throughout the country. In May of 2006, Cornmeal released
their third album, “Feet First”, which became proof positive that Cornmeal’s tenure on the
road brought on an honest and mature sound. Produced by former guitarist Kris Nowak and
bassist Chris Gangi, “Feet First” features a strong condence in songwriting, musicianship
and the ability of this band to stylistically ride the fence and bring it back home without
missing a step.

In the beginning of 2010, Cornmeal released their rst live album, “Live in Chicago, IL Vol. I”
(2010 Livin’ Live Records), an album that pays tribute to the fans. Towards the end of 2011,
Cornmeal released the follow up, “Live in Chicago, IL Vol. II” (2011 Livin’ Live Records). During
this time the band went into the studio set to record their rst album in over 5 years. Self
produced by bassist Chris Gangi and tracked in Chicago at the prestigious Rax Trax recording
studios, the process was cut short due to lineup changes and the album was shelved. After
almost a year of auditions, rehearsals and wood shedding new material the band is poised to
return to the same recording space to nish the album polishing the old material and setting
forward with a new sound, new songs and a fresh perspective on the future.

While playing a blend of high prole venues, jam-band and bluegrass festivals to thousands
nationally, Cornmeal has been a main stage act at some of the most renowned festivals in
the country. These festivals include Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Magnolia Fest, Wakarusa
Music Festival, and Summer Camp Music Festival as well as having performed on multiple
stages at Bonnaroo, All Good Music Festival, High Sierra Music Festival, 10K Lakes, and many
others. They pride themselves on the energy they put forth each night creating an unrivalled
live performance that continues to shape itself into an energetic one of a kind experience.
“Live in Chicago, IL Vol. I & II” prove that Cornmeal continues to be a band to watch out for.
Every show they play is a unique experience that leaves fans begging for more.

The Giving Tree Band

Led by enigmatic brothers Todd and "E" Fink, The Giving Tree Band are making their way to the head of a classy class of young American songwriters and performers. The Finks extended their brotherhood to all 7 members and started out with only a collective heart as big as the ocean. They now wield a wide array of instruments from acoustic and electric guitars, slide guitars and banjos to violin, mandolin and pedal steel. A band's band, they all live together, travel together and do everything as one family, harmonizing their voices and lives on and off stage. The Giving Tree Band is not reinventing but simply reuniting rock and roll. With their down-home style, they emphasize the virtue in their fierce virtuosity - playing each note with integrity, each part with humility, each song with honesty and each show with gratitude. The most common word among reviews is "undeniable" in regards to the chemistry on stage, the energy in the room and the feeling that something special is happening. With a rare combination of stirring musicianship and exemplary songwriting, the GTB wheel is in full spin and, like their heroes before them, it's also on fire.

$13 adv / $15 dos

Tickets $15 at the door

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