Close To Good (Release Show)

Close To Good

At long last, Close to Good will release Volume II:
A definitive 11-song collection of genre-bending pieces the quartet has been performing all over Philadelphia with special guests. The album will be available on CD in handmade packaging with digital download codes.

Over the past 3 years, Close to Good has become most known for their high-energy live performances that deliver an aggressive burst of progressive dance-funk that often builds into a tightly composed tension-release, peaking in kick-driven melodic reprisals of their distinct central lyrical themes.

Their continually honed sound is beginning to find itself lying somewhere near the edge of space-time, transporting listeners to the buzzing land of Transylvania where the quartet is playing the anthem for the battle of the century between Dracula and Megaman.

Chronicles of Sound

The Chronicles of Sound tell the tale of a video-game-rock band on an epic journey to overthrow the god-emperor Dreckin and re-spin their planet. With the mythical artifact Gaine at their side, they're able to channel their music into a powerful magic not seen for millennia. The tale unfolds across a host of songs, EPs, artwork and video games (coming soon!). In addition to original material, Chronicles also rocks a range of video game music from the classics to modern indies.


The X-Hunters are a 4 piece Mega Man X series cover/tribute band that play metal arrangements of the songs true to the SNES classics


GuacLobster is a 4-piece band based in the Philadelphia area that blends together funk, rock, jazz, and electronic influences while relying heavily on improvisation to create a unique style that’s all its own. Although its members have been playing together in various capacities for years; the current lineup, formed in 2012, features Kevin Crandley (guitar), Pete Crane (drums), Ethan Long (bass/vocals), and Jim Sharkey (guitar/vocals). Having played to energetic and enthusiastic crowds across Philadelphia,GuacLobster is known for forcing even the least coordinated wallflowers to get up and move until last call.

$8.00 - $10.00


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