Rapplesauce is a group of musicians dedicated to bringing you that stanky down low gangsta funk. Riff Funk. Dirty sh!t that will make you scrunch your face up in pleasure. Ughhh, You just can't help but dance.

The Broadcast

The Broadcast is a soul infused dance rock band formed in Brooklyn NY. The band relocated to Asheville, NC in the fall of 2010 to transition into music full time. For tour dates, music, and more log onto www.thebroadcastmusic.com

With powerful and soulful melodies, poly rhythmic grooves and an uncanny ability to connect with listeners it's no wonder The Broadcast has audiences across the country entranced. Originally formed in Brooklyn, NY in 2007, this young, six-piece soul infused rock band is known for their tight, high-energy performances that have vaulted them into the national spotlight.

After their relocation to the beautiful mountainside of Asheville,
NC, The Broadcast has grown into a full-time, nationally touring group. Their rise on the festival circuit has scored them press interest from such outlets as FlavorPill, VERVE and Cosmopolitan Magazine who described lead vocalist Caitlin Krisko's voice as "drenched in honey, and dripping with soul".

The Broadcast draws influences from the funky and soulful "Motown Sound" and the raw vocal prowess of singers such as Janis Joplin and Aretha Franklin. Platinum blonde, Caitlin Krisko, whose commanding and captivating voice has been compared to the likes of Adele and Grace Potter, fronts the band with a prowess not often found in vocalists her age.

Their powerhouse performances are not only characterized by Krisko's dynamic voice but also by the interplay of the band. The trio of Michael Davis (drums), Matthew Davis (bass) and Tyler Housholder (percussion) create rich foundations of rhythm that drive the band. Guitarist Aaron Austin and keyboardist Rich Brownstein punctuate the group's sound with their soulful solo's and deep tonal textures.

MOXA is a multi-genre jam band from Boston, MA. It's a capricious mix of sounds, crossing several genre lines such as funk, jazz, rock, and neo-soul. Vocals, bass, keys, drums and percussion compose the sound that is MOXA. In 2012, MOXA released their debut album, Those Who Seek Shall Find, and toured the east coast on The Atlantic Top-Down Tour, which had dates ranging from Vermont to Florida. At the moment, MOXA is working on releasing a second album, a live album from the tour, playing venues across New England, and gearing up for the 2013 summer festival season.

In June 2011, MOXA was first created as a 3-piece, starting with Nick Malkasian (Bass), Mark Goveia (Drums), and Jessi Milch (Vocals). This worked for a few months, but something was missing... Searching high and low for a pianist, leads fell through, but they didn't have to look far as it dawned on them to include their friends, Tyler Adams (keyboards) and Max Weinstein (percussion), members of The Soul Panacea. In March 2012, the chapter of MOXA had begun as a unit of 5.



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