Tonic Ball 13

Tonic Ball 13

Tonic Ball is a celebration of local music and art. It’s a night of fun and excitement. And it’s all for a good cause.

Each year we pick three iconic bands and/or musicians, ask some of our favorite local performers to cover a few of their songs, sell tickets to the show, and give all the proceeds to our favorite charity: Second Helpings. That’s Tonic Ball in a nutshell.

Tonic takes place each year on the Friday before Thanksgiving at four Fountain Square venues: White Rabbit Cabaret, Radio Radio, the Fountain Square Theatre, and The Hi-Fi. It wasn’t always that way—for the first few years, we covered just one famous musician/band and used Radio Radio as our exclusive venue. But too many people started showing up for just one room. So we expanded.

And we’ve continued to expand. Now, in addition to hosting music at four separate venues, Tonic Ball also features an art gallery, a silent auction, and a special event—Tiny Tonic—just for kids.

So what are we about? Great music. Scintillating local artwork. Entertaining the whole family. But most of all: feeding people in need. And every ticket you buy for Tonic Ball helps us take another crucial step toward eliminating hunger.



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