Terraplane Sun

Terraplane Sun

Hailing from Venice Beach, California, Terraplane Sun is comprised of frontman Ben Rothbard, guitarist Johnny Zambetti, bassist Cecil Campanaro, Keyboardist Gabe Feeberg and drummer Lyle Riddle. Their soulful blues influences are blended into a rootsy rock cocktail that defies any specific era. Their recently released EP entitled Ya Never Know features the single "Get Me Golden." Catch them on the road…their debut full album will be released late 2013.

Distant Correspondent

Distant Correspondent is a band whose members include David Obuchowski (also of Goes Cube), Michael Lengel, and Emily Gray (formerly of Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia). Fully formed in 2012, the band worked in secrecy with Edith Frost (solo artist, Drag City Records) as a major contributor to the band's catalog before announcing itself to the public in early 2013. A wave of press quickly followed with Maura Magazine, and Aquarium Drunkard both premiering songs, the Vice music channel, Noisey, premiering a music video by award-winning filmmaker, Heather Crank, and Oh My Rockness profiling the band. In April, 2013 Distant Correspondent signed to Denver-based indie, Hot Congress Records, who will release their debut full-length later in 2013. That same month, the band joined the Static Caravan Recordings roster. The UK label will put out a limited-edition single in the late summer of 2013.



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