Kotorino induce a haunting Americana-gypsy vibe and an addictive carnival-esque seduction that pairs quite nicely with a dark evening’s romp.

Creaky Brooklyn band Kotorino plays darkly elegant, trippy, gypsy-flavored “parlor rock” with carnivalesque touches. Compared to the Fishtank Ensemble, Radio Fantastique, Piñataland, Starhead, Sufjan Stevens and The Snow, they perform European waltzes, Latin Tangos and rural Americana on guitar, fiddle, tuba, bass clarinet, tenor sax, horn, piano, drums, and acoustic bass. Vocal harmonies are haunting and lyrics flirt with adventure, unease and triumph.

Jeff got together some friends, some family and some people he never met before to make music. Music for people, new music, but familiar.

In this case that happened to include himself on guitar, words and birds, Estelle Bajou and Molly White on vocals, violins and verve, brother Jerome Morris on the batterie required, Sara Zar on musical see and saw, Liz Prince on tuba and invasive procedures, Mike Brown on upstanding bass, Stefan Zeniuk on reeds and rites, Jesse Selengut – trumpestuousness.

Sometimes a show may consist of the full band squeezing onto a tiny stage at the back of a bar – or maybe saw, banjo and violin for the 8th Annual Musical Saw Festival, another time it might be tuba, pump organ and vocals playing for a trapeze review. Its always different, always fun, always interesting.



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