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Down To Earth Motherfucken Post Amplification Blues

EYEHATEGOD (also known as EHG) is an American rock band from New Orleans, founded by Jimmy Bower and a different line up in 1988. Soon after the group formed, Mike IX Williams became the 2nd vocalist and Joe LaCaze became the 2nd drummer, followed by Brian Patton on guitar. The band solidified in sound and style except for a revolving bassist position. Gary Mader joined in that capacity for a Japanese tour in 2002 and has remained there ever since. As one of the most influential bands to come from NOLA, they have noted Black Flag, The Melvins and Black Sabbath as a domineering and significant influence to their sound today. That combined with the sound of Southern Rock, Blues riffs and Hardcore Punk has made EYEHATEGOD one of the most reputable and distinctive bands ever, even defining a brand new genre now known as Sludge, though the band strays away from being labeled as such.

Plague Bringer

Plague Bringer is Greg Ratajczak and Josh Rosenthal from Chicago, a duo whose music is an assault of programmed, bulldozer blast beats, de-tuned stabbing guitars, and savage, animalistic vocals, all of which yields a relentless blend of meticulous, spastic-yet-controlled carnage. Their personal blend of grindcore and death metal is uncompromisingly brutal, yet it can be as catchy as the best summertime pop song. Following their acclaimed full-length releases on HeWhoCorrupts Inc. and Seventh Rule Recordings, in 2010, Chicago-based BloodLust! released "Burning Inside," a cover of the Ministry song, as a special CD-single box set to celebrate the band's Record Store Day appearance at Reckless Records in Downtown Chicago. Given Plague Bringer's drum-machine driven and industrial-tainted extreme metal style, it is no surprise that this track crushes ever so soundly -- and what better way for the band to up the ante than to ask Chris Connelly, one of the song's co-writers, and a former member of Ministry, The Revolting Cocks, Pigface, The Damage Manual, etc., to add his throat-shredding vocals to Ratajczak and Rosenthal's brutal rendition of one of Ministry's most intense songs ever, from the band's 1989 album, "The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste."

Sweet cobra

Christened by PunkNews as "Born Against covering Black Sabbath," Sweet Cobra is the sound of friends scuffing up their hardcore roots with classic rock grit and classic metal fury. Parallels can be drawn to Torche's rapturous hooks, High On Fire's hellbound riffing, and Young Widows' stomping rhythms, but Sweet Cobra has always rocked with its own unique voice - earnest, driving, anthemic songs that are equally pummeling and trance-inducing. A pillar of the underground for almost a decade now, Sweet Cobra was founded in Chicago in 2002 by bassist/vocalist Botchy Vasquez (The Killing Tree) and drummer Jason Gagovski (Suicide Note). Through the mid-00's, the band released acclaimed music through Seventh Rule Recordings (Akimbo, Indian) and Gagovski's own Hawthorne Street Records, and toured with the likes of Pelican, Russian Circles, Black Cobra, and Young Widows. In 2008, Sweet Cobra signed with Black Market Activities and entered Volume Studio in Spring of 2009 in Chicago with producer Sanford Parker (Pelican, Minsk) to record its third full-length: Mercy. Mercy is a masterpiece of urgent, honest aggression, channeled into unforgettable songs. It is the definition of Sweet Cobra - ripping yet atmospheric, rocking yet angry as hell. Mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge, Trap Them) at Godcity Studio and mastered by Carl Saff (Coliseum, White Drugs), Mercy features guest appearances by Robert Lowe (Lichens) and Bruce Lamont (Yakuza), among others. Album art comes courtesy of William Test.


A mechanic, a carpenter, a garbageman, a tattooer and an "adult men's magazine" guy. A few of us used to be in bands like Wickerman, Buried At Sea, Unfortunaut, Boneface and others.


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