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Imagine the feeling you get the moment you put on your favorite band and all your problems seem to drift away. That feeling is spreading across the U.S. thanks to Pasadena. Formed in 2000 by lead singer Joey Harkum in his hometown of Pasadena, Maryland, the band's popularity has grown as they have gone from playing in small bars in Pasadena to signing with management from 1Koast Entertainment and performing for sold out crowds all over the U.S. Over the past few years Pasadena has provided smooth bass lines, emotional lyrics, intricate rhythms, and beautiful harmonies that have helped create an unbreakable bond with their fans. Pasadena believes in freedom of expression and by composing and performing their original music they liberate themselves from any struggle or conflicts they may face. Thanks to the heart and soul poured into each and every song, Pasadena's music has inspired an ever-growing fan base.

Arden Park Roots

APR is quickly becoming a common name in the huge California rock/reggae scene, a scene which seems to be spreading all over the country. It was evident as their tours got longer and further away in 2011. And their 3rd full-length album, "Pipe Dreams" debuted at number 2 on the iTunes reggae charts. Produced by legendary producer Scott Mathews, this Junior release is expected to receive enough attention to catapult their careers. APR has 6 major awards under their belts including the Sacshows Local Music Awards two years in a row for "Best Reggae/Rock/Funk band." Look for them to roll through your town in 2012 as their tour schedule will span all the way to the east coast and possibly overseas! Pick up the new album on iTunes or just about any other web outlet! "We take the turn, medicate when we burn... relax, it's a pipe dream." -APR

Bumping Uglies

Bumpin' Uglies is a band with some fugly attitude. Members: Danny B. Ugly, Mary S. Ugly, Carrie C. Ugly



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