Aotearoa's Jake Lerman and Ilan Gitter cut their teeth on the back roads and highways of New Zealand's primeval terrain. Rooted in the urban tangle of Chicago, the raw island elements ignited the passions of these two vagabonding minstrels, forging a duo of funk-rock nomads. Abandoning the alluvial plains and saw-toothed mountains of the south pacific, the pair of multi-instrumentalists now perpetually tour the four-lane veins of the United States.
With a sound and show steeped in The Talking Heads, James Brown, Fela Kuti and Parliament Funkadelic, Aotearoa uses live looping to thicken a set already heavy with jungle-funk percussion. A steady rotation of instruments between the four hands and feet of the band keep a never wilting flower of funk in full bloom.

Memory Motel

Memory Motel is a 3 piece rock band from Reno, Nevada fronted by CJ Gibson, with a rhythm section featuring brothers Ben and Sam Ashlock. They were formed originally by CJ and Sam in 2010. The play a wide variety of music loosely labeled pop but it is very hard to nail down a specific genre. There music ranges from headbanging garage rock, to stompy folk rock to intricate electronic-

Hibbity Dibbity

Hibbity Dibbity is a five-headed primal force, made manifest in 2012. Baptized in the barrel of the blues, Hibbity Dibbity channels the sound of the Ancients, in accordance with the deepest vibrations of the Earth. Some call it SwampFunk, others use the term Boogie-Rock or Psychedelicious Grooves.



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