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Rebelling against your parents is as American as apple pie, power-pop and Laurel Canyon – which leaves brothers Dustin and Graham Lovelis three for four in that equation. Rather than rebel against their dad, they followed in his footsteps – going so far as to take on the name of the group he disbanded to raise his family and embracing the melodic pop of Big Star and the laidback, sun-dappled harmonies of The Byrds.

Although Dad hasn't made an appearance on the The Fling's recordings (yet), the boys and their fellow bandmates (drummer Justin Ivey, guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Justin Roeland and guitarist/vocalist Joel Bond) have been steadily bringing his musical aspirations to life. A critically lauded self-released album earned them a deal with Dangerbird Records as well as sessions on World Cafe and with KCRW's Nic Harcourt. Their new EP What I've Seen looks to up the ante even further.

What I've Seen is the sound of a band truly coming into its own.

Reverend Baron


Gorgeous formed one lonesome night when the moon was low and the air cool and a couple friends fantasized that the world could look different if they helped people see it differently.



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