Blackout, Balam, Hector's Pets, Jovian Drifts


With food, beer and America at the forefront, it only makes sense that guitar player/vocalist Christian Gordy and drummer Taryn Waldman would meet at Gordy's 2011 July 4th cookout in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn NY. Waldman, a former Hooter's waitress turned big time commercial film editor; and Gordy, a one-legged bartender/artist/BBQ enthusiast, were an oddball couple for NY's heavily-styled metal scene. But soon, the duo began rapidly banging out monolithic snail-paced riffs that could party as much as they could crush. BLACKOUT—referring to blackout drunk, a force that kills the light, or a mobster hit on an entire family—was the only appropriate title for the band.

Hector's Pets

buncha dudes from different places. buncha beers. buncha noise.



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