The Locals are an alt-pop, indie-rock trio from Chicago. Fronted by singer and songwriter Yvonne Doll, co-founded by bass player Christy Nunes, The Locals have been a part of the Chicago music scene for the last decade. They have played extensively in the Midwest, and recently completed their first UK tour (2011) .

2013 brings a new release for the band and revamped line up with Tommy Oerding joining on drums. Working once again with up and coming producer, Steven Gillis at Transient Sound, "Stereostatic Funicular"(their sixth release 9.3.2013) is an exicting evolution from their breakthrough album "SALT" 2010.

The music is bright, guitar-laiden, ultra catchy, alt-pop, that delivers tasty earbits from each song's start to finish. Fans of The Pixies, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Killers will not be dissapointed.

Yvonne Doll grew up in Cincinnati, OH but made her way to Chicago to attend the Art Institute of Chicago. Her photographs of people sleeping has garnered international recognition. was featured on the Today Show, Newstalk Radio (Ireland) and a spread in the French pop culture magazine "Vox Pop". Yvonne was recently featured in Guitar World Magazine's "Ten Female Guitarists You Should Know", and was awarded a Dean Markely Schloarship.

Christy Nunes began playing professionally at the age of 14. She hails from San Diego, from where people still hail. She has played in a diverse assortment of bands over the years and brings an element of each to The Locals(R) - funk, rock, punk, acoustic and classical/jazz. Nunes is also a photographer and knife wielding maniac. She once shoved a kid during a job as the Chuck E. Cheese mascot.

Tommy Oedering is the newest addition to The Locals. A skilled drum-smith (that's a real thing), he recently migrate to Chicago from Springfield, MO to make drums for Chicago Custom Percussion. Tommy has been playing and touring relentlessly over the past five years.

We Are Snapdragon

"We Are Snapdragon later graced a packed Lounge with a bowed guitar, the drummer wearing a Bill Murray t-shirt, vocal effects and a song about an Internet pervert that started slow then burst into joyous noise. It’s difficult to find a lot of info about this local band, which is frustrating because they were one of the best discoveries of the night." -

Baby Lungs

It is hard to say when Baby Lungs was first born, but it was likely conceived in 2007 when Coleman and Joseph met in their freshman year music appreciation class. Coleman and Joseph played in guitar in various terrible incarnations of the band that would eventually become Baby Lungs. And after seeing Drew Manning playing around Cincinnati in several different acts, he was inducted into the band to play guitar, bass and keyboards. After some more line-up tweaking, the band was christened Baby Lungs, and guitarist Joseph became the drummer. Then Baby Lungs went into a cocoon phase. For months, the skies of Northside reverberated with echoes of Baby Lung's cultivating it's hallmark massive sound. It was later discovered only Joseph's sister Kateri possessed a powerful enough voice to rise above Baby Lung's wall of sound. With Kateri on the vocals, Ben was added to bass.

Baby Lungs has recently finished recording it's long-awaited first EP, "IV", a four song, twenty minute odyssey through through your own mind. It is available for free download on Reverbnation. The band is currently in the middle of a long string of shows, but after, they will be returning to writing.


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