You Me & Apollo

You Me & Apollo

The birth of You Me & Apollo, in 2007, consisted of singer-songwriter Brent Cowles, who began exploring the weight and thirst of the name with the writing and release of How To Swim, How To Rot - an EP of songs too harsh to be from the cask and too beautiful to have distilled under moonlight.

2010 found Cowles relocated to Fort Collins, CO, locked away in a basement studio. He emerged with a spirit on his breath and a collection of songs in hand. The 2011 full-length Cards With Cheats spread quickly from ear to ear as things of worth tend to do. The album marked the beginning of a sound carving itself out in Cowles heart: doo-wop, soul, alt-country lament. Written from the deeper places most ignore but You Me & Apollo seems to go with an unsettling strut, impossible to ignore.

Bringing the songs of the album to the stage required a band, and so a band was gathered. Bonds were formed, knots tied, blood oaths taken. 2012 finds You Me & Apollo - the band - with a refined sound and songs to serve up on a series of 7-inch records. They are moonlight and they are bright lights. They're in the woods and they're on the strip. They are heartache and they are vengeance. They are swagger and stomp. You Me & Apollo are headlong into the deep desert, and you're going with them.Fort Collins/Denver based band You Me & Apollo "injects the fury of rock'n'roll and the heartfelt spirit of blues into a folk/Americana sound that really comes alive [during their] performances"

-Peter Washington of Concerted Effort Blog.

The music of You Me & Apollo ranges from quiet folk to groove infused rock and has been described as an unholy union of Hank Williams and Otis Redding.

E-S Guthrie

eric-scott guthrie is a North Carolina born songwriter with a distinctive voice and a unique guitar style that often hearkens to the roots of folk music, even as his songs push into interesting and unexplored sonic territories. At times extraordinarily cerebral, at other times raw and purely emotional, he toes a line that few performers manage to walk as he spins his yarns of love, life, loss, and discovery into a beautiful tapestry.


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