Apex Vibe

Apex Vibe is a 5 piece Reggae-Rock band nestled in the city of Denver, CO. They are not your normal white boy reggae, they are reaching for a new place in time where dub reggae hooks up with the foundation of rock n roll and is baked at a Mile High. Their sound might take you back to the Omaha roots of 311, or the Long Beach sounds of Sublime, your grandma might even crack a 40 oz after just a few minutes. Known for their electric live performances, every show they play is an improvement and a bar for which they keep raising for themselves.
They recently played to a full house in Denver at the CD release party for their second album "Elevate". This album brings a lot more dynamic to the band with a unique blend of hard rock & reggae cuts, hip-hop and even R&B swing. In the last year Apex Vibe has shared the stage with such acts as UB40, Eek A Mouse, Ky-Mani Marley, Collie Buddz, and many more. They have headlined shows at the Gothic Theatre, Cervantes, Herman's Hideaway, and have played such notable venues as the Fox Theatre, Mishawaka Amphitheatre, the Belly-Up Aspen, and the Denver People's Fair. Look for Apex Vibe in a mountain town near you!


Potcheen (Poitin') means "the Illegal Moonshine Whiskey" and it sometimes contains impurities and off flavors. On rare occasions, it may contain dangerous levels of toxic alcohols just like the Colorado Celtic Pirates that have scorched the throats of crowds from New York to San Francisco with one helluva kick. Their campaign began in 2003 and has continued unabated even surviving a near fatal bus crash in 09' they have produced 5 albums and performed over 2000 shows under their belts they deliver their rapid high energy shows mixing Celtic Traditional with Flavors of Bluegrass, Zydeco, Punk, Jam, blues & Rock and rolled up with a Pirate Sensibility. What doesnt kill em just makes em stronger!!!

Pressure Point Usa

The original Denver born Rock Band singing for our Liberty and Freedom! Inspired from the Founding Forefathers visions during the inception of this Great Nation to pursue the American Dream of Liberty, Justice.....and of course a life of ROCK & ROLL! Making our original music to bring a message of Peace to our world. Trying to initiate free thinking outside the box through our lyrics, stage performance and sound. Come join Cap, The Mean G, and Machine Gun Kelly, Big Sergz and Johnny Blaze ....it is time to awaken so let us play, sing and dance our message to the masses. It's all about the PEACE, The LOVE and OUR FREEDOM!!!


This diverse bunch of singers, musicians, and producers use, in their first release, an electric blend of styles to create a sound all their own. They are now known for their mixture of hip-hop, R&B, reggae, and rock that merges well with electronic sounds, while delivering the driving bass and drums that make you move.

Their first project, titled "Stand Out," is a series of events and products. The design: To support performing art programs and cultural experiences. The Tainted Citizens plan to use success from the project to generate funds to help struggling create more cultural and artistic experiences.

The Tainted Citizens have been raised in the Colorado performing arts programs provided by Aurora Public Schools. Even in their days, like in many other places, those experiences are being slowly removed from youth and adults alike.

We hope to give the to community back the right to "Create Yourself" and build the life YOU dream.





Damsels to Deities is a couture clothing and design company which uses almost 100% recycled materials for all creations. Each piece is one of a kind, made from vintage fabrics, reclaimed beaded garments, discarded or donated clothing, laces, tapestries, and any other material perfect for inspiration. All artwork is done by hand and sewn to redesigned and refashioned clothing to fit every form. Custom designs and sizes can be requested.

$7.00 - $12.00


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