Jazz2Kool w/ HA$H, Ny'ko and Mike Rich of Burb N Hitez, Ortiz, Just Josh & Koi Aesthetics


Dela Jazz2kool a upcoming emcee rapper from North Newark Brickcity New Jersey Ceo of street teams @AirTimeMuisq and @NewMoney making moves everywhere you see him expanding his brand and marketing himself in the music industry as a business man with a hard core party versatile street sound with bars and metaphors and a repetitive sound you can't get enough of... Dela!

Hash is originally from Virginia and has been performing for 14 years in many different states throughout the US. He has produced several albums, ran his own label, performing countless shows and radio appearances and has been scouted by at least 3 major labels almost signing a major record deal. His current goals are to put out the best product and generate profit from his skills and passions and to be recognized as a great emcee with a real story to tell. He seeks to bring the “realness” back to hip hop music. His motivating factors are his life experiences as well as the following artists Jay-Z, Tupac, Biggie and Nas to name a few.

Ny'ko and Mike Rich of Burb N Hitez

Akhir Smith (Nyko Cruz) was born March 30th 1993 from proud parents Tennisia Littleton (mother) and Kim Smith (father) in Denver CO. Akhirs mother was a member of a singing group known as "Aspen" which gave him his love of music today. Very young Akhir discovered his talent in song, singing came natural to him. Rapping/Songwriting with Burb-N-Hitez member Mikey Rhines (Mike Rich) since the age of 8 Akhir gained his rhythm with rhyme. By middle school Akhir had participated in choir and many other music based clubs as well as music groups. In high school Akhir joined the group "Yung Boyz" with fellow member Kaleb Barnes (Kewl) and began to expand and grow as word spread about his musical abilities. Entering his senior year Akhir met fellow group member John Hawkins (Rasean Douja) and began making music with him and his cousin Corey Howard (Corey Carter). Creating Burb-N-Hitez. Doing shows together almost every weekend, the men soon became a big name throughout the city. Along with the help of Innerstate Ike lending them a helping hand. As time on Akhir and his fellow members felt that "Tha' BurB" wasn't complete and needed to expand adding 3 additional members Mike Rich, David Bang and Kewl to create the Burb-N-Hitez you see today.

Just Josh

Born in Denver, Colorado. Joshua Hawkins aka Just Josh has been involved in music since the age of 6, he has been recording seriously since his junior year in high school (2008) Josh has been shutting down the Colorado music scene with his debut mixtape "Dreams Vs. Reality". Not having many performances under his belt, the shows that were held have been outstanding, fun and last but not least packed.

Koi Aesthetics

My name is Lee, and I am Koi Aesthetics. This is my page to keep you updated on my music as well as some of my artwork, I am a [HIP-HOP] artist from Denver, Colorado who wants to hear a more positive, creative, and diverse sound from Hip-hop, I only want to make the best music I possibly can, and make shit that I wanna listen to. PLEASE HELP ME MAKE THIS HAPPEN! Thanks♥

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