Michael Mullen Trio Of One Celtic Music

Michael Mullen Trio Of One Celtic Music

Michael loves fiddling, whether it's playing Celtic rock in front of thousands, or just enjoying some quiet tunes with a few friends. He has drawn the bow across the strings all his life, and continues to explore new horizons and delve deeper into well-known territories as well.

As a California native (born in Fresno, grew up in Reedley) he was lucky to grow up in a town with very strong local support for music in the schools, where he played in school and youth orchestras (and every other musical group at Reedley High). He did not truly learn the simple joy of playing his instrument, though, until he began exploring "alternative" musical styles such as folk fiddling, country, swing-jazz, old time, etc. It's in Scottish and Irish music that Michael has found his true heart's home: no other kind of music both speaks to his soul and satisfies his musical mind like the power and plaint of Scots-Irish reels, jigs, airs, and songs.

In January 1992 Michael moved to Oakland and joined Tempest, forging the foundations of the fiddle-voice that has become signature to the sound of the band. Over the years, Michael has toured and recorded on and off with Tempest, delighting crowds throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. He has taken hiatus from the band periodically in order to pursue other musical and personal interests, but he and Tempest re-joined forces in 2004 and Michael plans to explore various side projects while recording and performing with the band. First among those side projects is his debut solo album, Fiddler's Creed



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