'If Only For A Day'- BENEFIT SHOW

'If Only For A Day'- BENEFIT SHOW

We are dedicated to creating and hosting fun events and social functions to raise funds that will go toward cancer victims and their families within our community; funds intended to help pay bills, feed, clothe, buy medications, and generally relieve some of the stress inherent to the battle and aftermath. This is a local charitable foundation.

Please support your local music. We all need music in our lives.

All Rise

Formed in 2006 in New Orleans by Tyler Dead End, reformed with new lineup (present lineup) 2010 in Charlotte, NC.

Tyler Dead End - Guitar / Vocals
Dan Astetic - Bass / Vocals
La Cucha Richie - Drums

Deadern Hell

Formed in Winter of 07' as a 6 piece with 2 guitarists and 2 singers, After havin most members leave or go to prison we were left with Hellboy on drums, Dirtymic on bass and Slay on guitars.Fall of 09' Slay took over as lead vox. To date the band consists of its three original members Slay, Hellboy and Mic tryin to move foward in music. Having no resemblence to anyone band in particular we take elements of punk rock, metal, and hillbilly hellraisin way o life. We like what we do tryin to be as original as we can cummin or shitin in your ear pussies. FUCK YOUR COUCH

Hell for a Hometown

NC punk with brews, friends, partying and skateboarding.
We believe that the Punk scene in NC should stick together.
Hittin' the streets hard with shows and crews,
and fucking shit up as much as we can with punk rock.

The Copathetics

"We want to make punk rock more widespread and appreciated."



Plus $3 surcharge for those under 21

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