Tech Panel: Predictive Intelligence



"Hey you, there's traffic on the bridge, you'll need to leave 20 minutes early to make your next meeting on time." This is the type of message you might receive from a mobile app using predictive intelligence technology. These new applications don't wait until you ask for help, they speak right up with timely information about traffic, weather, and can even automatically bring up your boarding pass on your way to the airport. Some call these proactive apps virtual assistants, others call them creepy. Whatever you think, they're changing some longstanding norms of human-computer interaction. Join us as our panel of experts discuss how predictive intelligence can change the way we live and work. This panel is hosted in collaboration with General Assembly and made possible by our sponsor, Getty Images. This panel includes: Kevin Cheng, Founder, Donna Bill Farrell, Founder, Osito Raj Singh, CEO, Tempo AI ...and more!

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