Broken Couches, Thousand Frames, Swami, Blame Gravity

Broken Couches

Musical ideas spawning from one intelligent mind meets two inspiring like minds to help a musical masterpiece grow. After much time and repeated stumbles these three intelligent aspiring individuals find their perfect missing piece! The four are now able to create the music Broken Couches is meant to sound like for all listening ears! Without the missing piece B.C. could simple not exist! We write music to inspire the human race to indulge in the wierdness of their beings!

Thousand Frames

Thousand Frames is the newest alternative rock band that is making waves in the Denver music scene. Started in January 2013, Kelsey, Kyle, and Joey make up the alternative rock trio. They bring influences from rock, pop, and hard rock to make the sound that they want to be known for. Most importantly, the huge sound that they are going for comes from the influence of electronic/dance music. Thousand Frames is ready to rock many of audiences with their unique yet powerful music.

Five guys who all come from different backgrounds but have all played together in different bands from the past in Denver locally. Janes Dead, Post, Slack, & Girth. Two members of the band Girth(Mike D' Martino,&Justin Jones) started writing new material & hooking up with old band mate die hards. Garth Waddups came all the way back from Indiana to be the front man of the new found religion they call Swami. Swami has a psychedelic, organic,metal, mind altering feel, with a collaboration of intense and controversial music & lyrics. Everyone in this band brings something different to the table. Different influences and different styles that when all put together formulates quite the huge,organic,& heavy original sound that comes out of this band. Swami looks for certain sounds that come from some of the ancients that they incorporate into their music. Swami is currently in the Studio putting the final touches on their first CD. Swami......

Blame Gravity

We're a Denver-based band ready to break into the Indie music scene. In addition to our passion for music, we also have a deep love of humanity, no matter what your walk of life, culture, past, present, future, or religion - or lack thereof. We've learned so much from other cultures and people from around the world.

Above all, it's become apparent that music is the great equalizer. Forget genres, however unavoidable. An open mind can bring anyone together, but especially musicians. Because whether you rap, sing folk, dance hip hop, or rock out, we all have that same musical passion in common. We all know how to count time and feel the rhythm. Music, like an open mind, makes us all grow as people.

So explore the Earth; you'll never see all of its wonders. Life is full of problems, but it is also as amazing as it is brief and we should only worry about what we can control.

Bottom line: When you come to our shows or listen to our songs, we want you to leave those experiences feeling a little bit better about yourself, life in general, and humanity.

And never forget the words of Mr. Einstein: You can't Blame Gravity for falling in love.



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