At one week old, the Fau family moved to Independence, MO. Since then, Anapogi grew up listening to his father rehearsing in the garage and at performances. Music was just as much an influence to Anapogi as his father was to him. Anapogi learned to play drums at 4 years old and piano at 5 years old.

Curious and excited about his life’s involvement with music that he entered into talent shows and joined the church band. At 16 years of age he learned to play the guitar and eventually acquired skills of a bassist at 17.

Anapogi soon realized that at a young age, music was not only a talent but a passion that now became his life. At 17, Anapogi dropped out of high school and made a commitment to his love and talent to pursue a career of music.

In 2002, Anapogi and his family, formed a band called, “Le Atalua Breeze Band”. They performed at local community events. Anapogi’s stage name at this time was “Spawn”. With aspirations of growing in his career Spawn took the next step in beginning his own career in the industry and started on his solo project.

In 2005, Spawn began his solo career and pursued it with great leaps of faith. In transition of leaving “Le Atalua Breeze Band” into becoming a solo artist, he took the word “Breeze” with him in this new journey and introduced himself as Spawnbreezie.

Spawnbreezie finished his first project in 2006, with the help of his brothers. He had finished 12 tracks but due to a lack of serious promotion, the album went unnoticed. The wave of the entertainment business shook the new solo artist into spin that changed his perspective in his career. He learned from his mistakes and made another attempt to make a mark in the entertainment industry.

Still fighting the foes of the entertainment business, Spawnbreezie became restless in performing in local functions, wrestling with financial independence and made another attempt to release another album in 2008. He integrated various sounds, island reggae, hip-hop and roots reggae, to create who he was, Spawnbreezie.

In 2008, Spawnbreezie released his first solo album called “Independent Soldiers.” Singles from the album, “Baby”, “Crazy”, “Breezin” and “Is You” gave him the tools to begin a foundation. With the positive momentum that was started from “Independent Soldier”, Spawnbreezie found the strength to endure the obstacles in the industry and started working on another album.

In 2009, Spawnbreezie released his sophomore album called “Welcome to Zion.” Hits like “Welcome to Zion”, “Like Heaven”, “Body Like”, “Maasoama” and “25 to Life”, started to grab the attention of listeners. In 2010, Spawnbreezie took the time out to make a plan for his next steps. He reflected on the accomplishments that he had and the work that needed to be done for the future.

The release of “Independent Soldiers” allowed Spawnbreezie to introduce himself to the world. And the following album “Welcome to Zion”, allowed Spawnbreezie to gage the influence of listeners. It was clear at that point that Spawnbreezie had an opportunity to voice his music to a forum of listeners. He took advantage of the forum and talked about the trials that he faces as a person and an artist. He expressed his emotions through his music and talked about his life experiences.

With the forum to voice his life experiences, “Dear Billy” was born June 2011. This is the mark that has reintroduced Spawnbreezie to the world. It is with this album that has allowed Spawnbreezie to enter into new territories in his career.


Siaosi (pronounced: See-ow-see) Kakala Taulani Jr. was born to Siaosi Taulani Sr. and Seni Lose Tupou in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Siaosi was able to develop a relationship with the band and eventually became a singing member with "Inoa'ole." "Inoa'ole" had topped the charts with such #1 hits as "Take This Raft" in Hawaii, "Ta'u Koula" in Tonga, and "Pretty Island Woman" in Guam.

Kiwini Vaitai

Even though fame and the spotlight was never the fuel behind pursuing a career in music, it has come to Kiwini (pronounced Kee-vee-nee) Vaitai simply because his fans can't get enough of him. Born in Dallas, TX and a local of Waianae, HI, Kiwini (who is half Tongan and half Hawaiian) has really taken the best of both his Tongan and Hawaiian cultures to create music that is enjoyed and loved by many. His style of music is an obvious product of his musical upbringing but his work ethic and passion for music is the very reason he has come to work with some of the biggest Urban Island artists today. Collaborating with the best is a sure way to number himself among the best and Kiwini is right on track and making that a living reality every day.

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