Stitched up Heart

The new single, "Grave" is on iTunes
and is currently in rotation on over 45 internet radio stations. Revolver magazine also premiered the video for "Grave":
Mixi has been featured and interviewed in Revolver Magazine's Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock two years in row (#18 in 2011, #11 in 2012). There is also a recent interview in the March 2013 issue of Alternative Press magazine.

Tours in 2013 will support release of a new e.p., currently being produced by Clayton Ryan (Davey Suicide, Natural Born Killers). With Warped Tour, SXSW and other festival performances and a 10 state US tour under their belt, the aggressive drive behind this band is tantamount to their ultimate goal of universal conquest. A violent cacophony of fiery charged emotions makes this a dangerously volatile maniacal machine that commands your attention.

Stitched Up Heart's passion explodes in an uproar of crunchy guitars, haunting melodies, driving rhythms and anthemic songs. Furious and ultimately rapturous performances led by singer extraordinaire, Mixi, have captivated fans across the nation and around the world. Baron Reventón even christened the band: 'attention deficit gratification'.

Stitched Up Heart, making other bands suck since 2010.

The Few (acoustic set)

The Few, Alternative Rock band from St Louis Missouri! Our music speaks for us and everything we are and hopefully it can speak for you too. Join "The Few".


Gutterspike:(noun) a three peice metal band out of the St. Louis and the St.Charles County area. Was put together about six years ago by founding members Duke Davis and Jacob Riley. After a few years of gigging locally and putting together some EP recordings the band parted ways. As of Fall 2013 the band is together again and poised to make a strong impression on the St louis music scene. With a straight forward approach to writing and performing Gutterspike will not let metal purists down. An energetic blend of hardcore, thrash and straight up heavy metal give the band a sound that's not regularly found in the genre today. With veteran drummer and long time gspike skins man Jason Gowen, bassist John Becker (previously played with Duke in Alive With Fire) and Duke Davis at the helm they are an act you wont want to miss.

Dead Superstar

Dead Superstar is a heavy active rock band. Their songs are hard driving tales of life on earth packed with sexually and politically charged lyrics that hook the audience in with a melodic rock sound. Throw in an unbelievably energetic live show and Dead Superstar is primed to bring a big new rock sound to the masses.

Founded by bassist Troi Mosby and vocalist Terence Keith in 2005, Dead Superstar has proven to be a mainstay on the ever-changing music scene. With the recent addition of Jimmy Wooten on drums and Wes Waters on guitar, you don't want to miss what happens next. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of Dead Superstar's new single and dates for the NO SMOKE, NO MIRRORS, JUST REDEMPTION TOUR, coming to a city near you!

Stokes Devereaux

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