Mobile Deathcamp, Dr. Dick Ramirez, Shotgun Bayonet, Candy Coated Evil, BrokeNeck

Mobile Deathcamp

While touring with Gwar as Beefcake The Mighty, Todd decided it was high time to switch back to his original instrument, guitar, find the right comrades, and begin melting faces with the style of music they REALLY felt in their loins...

Enter the Glass City's latest abomination, MOBILE DEATHCAMP ! !

A vicious metal trio, made up of Northwest Ohio, and Southeast Michigan musical journeymen.
These three metal "war horses" have been rippin' it up like this since the FIRST time this style was popular !

In their short, yet vibrant history, this newly organized musical terror pocket has shared the stage with such luminaries as: SLAYER, Cannibal Corpse, GWAR, Behemoth, 3 Inches of Blood, Goatwhore, The Red Chord, Job For A Cowboy, Skeletonwitch, All That Remains, White Chapel, Black Dahlia Murder, Halo of Locusts, Green Jelly, Chimaira, Trivium, Daath, Soilent Green, MushroomHead, Type O Negative, Mensrea, God Forbid, Marilyn Manson, and Hatebreed.
Born to "do it"...MOBILE DEATHCAMP !!

Shotgun Bayonet

Shotgun Bayonet is a four piece created by some friends in the St. Louis area just looking to put what they know together and create what some human folk know as "The Good Times." Heavy distortion, speedy simpleness, ragin, and thundering boom booms, Shotgun Bayonet seeks to ruin your ears as much as your entire life.

Candy Coated Evil

Long walks on the beach and toast.



$10.00 - $12.00


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