Roksonix & Brown and Gammon w/ Jantsen, Midnight Tyrannosaurus & Tyro


Roksonix are an EDM dj/producer duo hailing from North London signed to the mighty Circus Records.

Brown & Gammon

Whilst still a young lad Will was introduced to electronic music through his older brother who insisted on playing lots of loud Trance and Garage music at innapropriate times...

It wasn't until his teens when his friend introduced him to sample based music production software known as Rave eJay that he really began to get his hands dirty fiddling with beats. From then on he was hooked.

Over the years he continued his endeavours slowly getting his hands on more equipment and software to fuel his habit. Later a school friend showed interest so they sat down for many hours creating what could only be described as "Junglist-Country Post Jazz Funk" from there they named themselves DJ Brown & MC Gammon.

MC Gammon gradually moved on to different things but the Brown must go on...

After having his first Dubstep release in 2008 with a remix of Ganja Smuggling by Eek-a-mouse things have only moved upwards.

Will became involved with Circus after receiveing a phone call from Flux at 3am one morning. Reluctantly dragging himself from his bed he answered the phone and was told that they were in the process of setting up a new Dubstep label called "Circus Records" and wanted to sign "Painkillers" which was later released in 2009 as CR002.

Will continued to release tracks on various labels notably "The Bad Bounce" and "Be There" on Circus's first and third digital EP's.

He became exclusively signed after "Blow My Mind" made lots of really excited Americans jump around and scream lots whilst Flux Pavilion and Doctor P were on their first US tour.

Since then he has been lucky enough to travel around the world having lots of fun playing the music he loves to equally lovely like minded individuals.

Always willing to lighten the mood, and coming to a turntable near you soon !

Boulder, Colorado’s Jantsen has been pushing the envelope of the bass-centric electronic music scene for several years. Jantsen draws inspiration from his elevated surroundings, bringing together the influences of electronica, jazz, blues, funk, rock, hip-hop, and every single sound in between. Like an alchemist working his elixirs, Jantsen performs precise musical chemistry, creating new bass-funk gold. His musical style looks to the horizon of the scene, progressively pushing creative boundaries, expanding upon the typical to make them abnormal. Truly, the best way to listen to Jantsen’s music is to experience it live–the energetic sound waves and contagious stage presence are what make his show one of a kind. Jantsen’s music has been on the decks of many Djs, including: Rusko, Datsik, Downlink, and Trolly Snatcha. Connect with Jantsen’s Facebook page to be updated on the latest releases and free downloads.

Midnight Tyrannosaurus

Having only been in the scene a slim two years, Jason Figlioli aka Midnight Tyrannosaurus has made quite a presence in the Dubstep industry. By mixing elements from the UK 'Wonk' style as well as the Americanized 'Tear out' style. Midnight Tyrannosaurus comes at your cerebellum with absolutely monstrous sounding basslines and some of the cleanest percussion that's been seen in a long time. Quickly gaining support from the likes of: Getter, Coffi, Megalodon, Soloman, Cyberoptics, D-Jahsta, P0gman, Helicopter Showdown, Rekoil, Barron, and many many more; Jason is well on his way to making his mark on the scene.

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