Hailing from sunny San Diego, CA, SECRETS has already made an impact as one of the most promising up and coming acts in the scene. Armed with irresistibly catchy choruses, soaring vocals, and mercilessly dynamic breakdowns, its no wonder the post-hardcore five-piece has seen such success since signing to Velocity/Rise Records in the Spring of 2011.

Velocity Records' Dave Shapiro says, "When I heard these songs, I knew San Diego had yet another band that would be at the forefront of their genre." Rise Records' founder Craig Ericson is equally pumped on the signing, explaining, "Dave showed me the band and I immediately knew these guys were keepers."

SECRETS released their debut full length The Ascent (Produced by Tom Denney) in January of 2012 to rave reviews. The record debuted at #3 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart and became the first Velocity Records release to crack the Billboard Top 200, debuting at #185. SECRETS has toured heavily since the release of The Ascent, supporting such as Sleeping With Sirens, Attack Attack!, Escape The Fate, as well as appearing on the entire Scream It Like You Mean it tour this Summer. They will be hitting the UK and Europe this October with Of Mice and Men and Memphis May Fire before returning to the states in November and December with Woe Is, Me, and Chunk! No Captain Chunk!

Hearts and Hands

“There’s no holding back,” proclaims Alex Lyman of Hearts & Hands. “We write and record how we feel and what we hear. In every song, you’ll find something different. There are no walls, no boundaries, and definitely no rules.”

Bleach Blonde

Timing is everything and Bleach Blonde is fast on the path to success. Featuring Danny Stillman and Danny Cooper of Drop Dead Gorgeous, after officially founding the band less than six months ago, in August of 2012, the group has already written their first EP and inked a record deal with Rise Records.


Imagine if the Meters built an Uptown time-machine tour bus, drove it across the Atlantic to London and picked up Led Zeppelin, then punched it into 1993 and joined Sound Garden, Pearl Jam, Jamiroquai, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Denver Lollapalooza show. Now imagine that you don't have the capital or the technology to design your own time-machine tour bus (wait, that's probably true), but you really want to know what it would be like to take John Mayer, Maroon 5, and Donavon Frankenreiter back to our time-warp Lollapalooza show where all that sound from the 60s, 70s and 90s is coalescing. How frustrating, right? No worries—now there's a way to relieve the frustration and sooth your historical jones for the best rock 'n' roll music from five decades: The Reformers have hit the scene! Blending guitar player Boris Kalikstein's blues and pop influences, bassist Ryland Percy's affinity for grunge and funk, drummer David Smith's classic rock aesthetic, and vocalist Stefan Ramsbott's folk and pop sensibilities, The Reformers combine sounds to create an intense, captivating rock 'n' roll experience that, when you hear it, makes you want to "startmovin' and shakin' something automatically."

Giving the Devil His Due

Starting as an idea in late 2009, Vocalist/Guitarist Branden Blacker had an idea to create a solo project of the noisecore variety. After acquiring software Reason 4.0 and Nuendo 2.0, he went to work creating drum tracks and recording them. The very first song created and recorded was, "Spartan Afterparty" a violent bi polar barrage of noisecore and thrash. Soon after, "Tribute" a straight up hardcore song came to fruition and "Goddamnation" which carried a chorus that was heavy but head banging at the same time. After recording this 5 song demo EP tenitively titled " This Beautiful Chaos" EP. Then after our CD release party, around June 2010, they would go on to play any and every show they could get their hands on. Hooking up a laptop to blast the drums through the venues PA system, the band proved to be a brutal barrage of noise and sound, with Joe Butler on Bass and Branden playing Guitar and main vocals. The formula seemed to work. Creating a interesting atmosphere live of pummeling subwoofer double bass and bright blinding chromatically timed stage lights. Soon after learning the songs on bass, Joe decided he wanted to play guitar as well, creating a unique and raw feel live since there wasn't any bass. More shows started happening, and along the way they picked up Chris Cabrerra to play Bass and added a full element to the band (the line up was rounded up with David Vice, taking Joe Bitner's spot on the laptop/lights). Things were going good until the laptop drummer method started to feature giant live issues, where the drums would skip and ultimately making the band look lame on stage. So this caused for yet another change, bringing in a real drummer. After weeks of searching and no hits, Branden did the only logical thing he could think of, play drums himself. After a few days of making this decision a drumset was bought and songs were jammed. Not only did this work out but he also became a lead singing drummer. In the meantime Chris switched from bass to guitar. Creating again, a raw energetic feel live, add real drums to this equation and you have a sonic brutal assault that is unmatched. Currently writing and recording their full length, Giving The Devil His Due are set and ready to take over....

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