Avast, ye landlubbers! From the deepest darkest depths of eastern Scotland comes ALESTORM, a drunken band of two mad Scots and two Irishmen on an epic quest to slay posers, drink beer, and be the greatest damn band that ever did sail the seven seas! Describing their style as "True Scottish Pirate Metal", Alestorm plays an infectious blend of folk and power metal in the vein of bands such as Korpiklaani and Turisas, but with a unique piratical twist. ALESTORM are coming to kick ass and chew gum. And they're all out of gum.

ALESTORM formed in 2006 and after gaining a cult following in their local scene, they quickly inked a record deal with Austria's Napalm Records. After a few line-up changes early on, the band eventually settled on their current swashbuckling crew comprising Christopher Bowes, Daniel Evans, Gareth Murdock, and Peter Alcorn.

Drawing on wide stylistic influences, such as Bal-Sagoth and Primordial to name but a few, ALESTORM released their debut album "Captain Morgan's Revenge" in 2008 to great critical acclaim, followed swiftly by their sophomore album "Black Sails at Midnight" in 2009. Now, after cementing their reputation as a kick-ass live band with countless hundreds of shows around the world, ALESTORM returns in 2011 with their third album "Back Through Time".

"Back Through Time" promises to be an epic adventure through piratical badassery in 11 tracks, with more drunken singalong anthems than you can shake a stick at. There will be songs about midgets. There will be songs about Wisconsin. There will be songs about travelling through time to kill Vikings. And, of course, loads of songs about pirates doing what they do best; kicking your ass and stealing your wenches!

rollfesT was funded in Oslo, Norway during the best alcoholic hours one weekend in 2004, after the members had gotten tired of the party music available, and decided to take matters into their own hands.

A website and six songs later, a German record label, at the time named Solistitium, made contact, and said he saw potential in the madness. The goons of TrollfesT thought "what the heck, let's give it a go", said yes to a deal, and started making new material. The result: "Willkommen Folk tell Drekka Fest !!" was released in 2005.

Barking about and laughing at people for coming to late to a party, made the record have some quite unique qualities for the genre that caught peoples attention, so after selling a lot of albums, a deal for a second album was made.

In 2006, the story of the Troll Brakebein was released, reasonably named "Brakebein". The record was released in two versions. One, containing a cartoon displaying Brakebeins voyage, the other displaying the lyrics.

During these starting years, live gigs had not been performed at all, still TrollfesT managed to achieve enough status through these two records to make them self somewhat of a wanted element on festivals. The first offer to go past the planning stage, resulted in a performance as one of the headlining bands on the ninth Barther Metal Openair in 2007.

TrollfesTs closest genre definition would have to be something like to describe them as a "Happy-go-lucky, party, Troll, folk-black Metal band". Off course with influences from even more genres. This year, while also working on a third studio album, TrollfesT will be seen a lot more one the live scene round and about. Some dates are confirmed, and some are being processed as we speak.

Either way, TrollfesTs focus of alcohol, joy and music, seems to have drawn a lot of peoples attention, and as the band knows how to deal with an audience, there's more to come for those who wait!

"Combining the sound of Thin Lizzy, Hawkwind, and Lynyrd Skynyrd with - somehow - just a few average dudes out there to return music to the people that appreciate it, Gypsyhawk is a band's band, a fan's band...and a god damn rock band when rock and roll needs it most. In a time when music is shoveled down your throat, Gypsyhawk backs up the walk (and mabye a little swagger) with rock. The band's first show in their hometown of Pasadena, Calif. yielded an enthusiastic and devoted crowd, showing the promise Gypsyhawk holds in the palm of their hands...well, as soon as this next solo is done. Then they'll have a free hand.... Turn down the lights and turn up the tunes indeed."

"Gypsyhawk, an L.A.-based band intent on recounting and representing the elements that made metal so enjoyable in its infancy: twin guitars, melodic vocals, killer grooves and solos. Lots of solos."

"...They are seriously playing from the heart, and Harris's world-weary vocals belie life experience beyond his years..."-City Of Devils-

"Picture Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple and Slough Feg jamming over brews and doobs behind a wall of amps and twin guitar leads, and you get the idea."

"This is the type of material that makes it clear that, had Gypsyhawk been an obscure and under-acknowledged band actually from the 70's and this their album, it would be considered a stone cold classic and be fetching insane sums on e-bay.... A band to watch, if they can grow from here it's going to get scary good."

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