The Gundersen Family, Le Wrens

Le Wrens

It is Jonny and sibling Lizzy Gundersen who are the key artists in Le Wrens, a Seattle-based folk-country act that should stop people in their tracks. In fact, I vow to never write about these two in relation to their brother, Noah Gundersen. They are certainly artists in their own right, evident throughout their late release of Don’t Forget Me, an EP that unfortunately stops at four songs. Suffice it to say I want more for all the right reasons.

The first song on the album “Chances” captures the folk country feeling from the very start. It is subtle and smooth, unlike the in-your-face commercialization of pop country. Lizzy’s entrance into the song is so clear and precise… it’s hair-raising in the right way. Then when the rest of the group joins her with harmonies listeners are immediately transported to an existentially delightful place. It’s (pardon the Seattle pun) nirvana.



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