Sapphire Slows

Sapphire Slows

Sapphire Slows is the alias of Tokyo-based solo artist Kinuko Hiramatsu, set to drop her highly anticipated debut full-length album, Allegoria. Hiramatsu, who started experimenting with electronic music for the first time in 2011, was a member of Tokyo's frenzied club scene and a devoted fan of dance music labels like Kompakt, Warp, 100% Silk and Not Not Fun. Her debut offering, which is being released by NNF, is pulsating with a radiant, glowing energy, as Hiramatsu lyrically explores the tension between personal desires and the anonymity that comes with digital life and existing within the crazed atmosphere of her surroundings in Tokyo. Drawing influence from the sounds of ambient, disco, house and dub, the album is out November 5th on Not Not Fun, and the first single, "Dry Fruits," is streaming now on Gorilla vs. Bear.


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