The Garden Band

The Garden Band

Seemingly drawn from the spirit of the earth, tapping the terrestrial spinal cord, The Garden Band is a uniquely refined blend of complex musical rhythms and poetic vocals, organically grown through the long standing friendship between lead singer, song writer, guitarist, pianist Torfi Gunnarsson, and percussionist Marc Cruz.
Inspired to inspire by the cycle of life in the garden, Torfi wrote his first song at the age of 15 in a garden. At a young age he received several hand injuries, including two severed tendons, which left movement restricted in his wrist and fingers. Despite this he managed to develop an amazing musical technique one of a kind and unique to The Garden Band. Marc is a self taught drummer whose style has evolved through observation of fellow percussionists along with playing with Torfi and his complex and unorthodox rhythms. To break the cycle of listening to what we have been trained to listen to by the mainstream/public media, The Garden Band aims to bring the people together through the free expression of art and music.

Dusty Green Bones Band

California Folk/Rock


Pouring buckets of Brainwater, Space pHunk, and Psychedelic heavy moon rock on all beings. Tones of Brown soak particles of Blue, Yellow, Green, and Red.

pHunk, reggae, psychedelia, rock and rock.

Amber Crawl

Amber Crawl is a 4-piece alternative rock band from San Francisco, CA
Vocals: Nathalie Caretta
Guitar: Luca Rondanini
Bass: Thomas Mello
Drums: Robert Wolffe

Myke Johnson



Under 21 must buy $5 drink ticket at the door.

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