The frankie2tone Band

The frankie2tone Band

John Michael Burns "JB" – Drums &Vocals

It would seem that he was destined to play the drums, for in their youths his Dad was a big band drummer and his Mom was a jazz and tap dancer, so I guess you could say he was born with rhythm in his blood. Drumming on everything around the house from an early age, his mom bought him his first drum set when he was 15 and the rest is history! Since those early days he's held the drum seat in 14 different working bands of various genres playing nightclubs, weddings, concerts and private events all over the northeast. In addition he has played on 22 recording sessions laying down the groove and in some cases assuming the role of producer, composer and singer.

Frank Davis – Bass

Frank started out playing guitar but later found out that playing bass was more suited for his personality and loved just sitting back and giving the rhythm section the deepest pocket possible. And for this reason, for 15 years prior to settling with a family, he toured all over the east coast and the mid sections of the United States in band called “Freebird” from the 1980’s into the 90’s. Now vocationally settled in 2013, he has regained the itch for playing live music and is deeply inspired from blues rooted music.

Frank “frankie2tone” Ngo – Guitar &Vocals

Born in Orleans France in 1980, Frank had a love and appreciation of music at an early age. His Dad's versatile vinyl collection had him listening to the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, Elton John, Lionel Richie and many more. Upon relocating to the United States in his adolescent years, the same trend continued.
At 17 years old, a family friend introduced him to Stevie Ray Vaughan, which sparked an in-depth research and discovery of the key reputable artists in Blues music. For Frank, an acoustic guitar was always around the house available to pick up and noodle on. But the music of SRV had such an impact on him that it became a necessity to enter a vivid pursuit in guitar virtuosity and the ability to communicate and express one self on an instrument.

In his early 20's, Frank acquired his first electric guitar and began teaching himself to play by listening to all the blues records and imitating what was recorded while attending local venues in Connecticut to hear national acts play. Teaching tennis to Lucky Peterson's booking agent's daughter turned into a visit with him in the recording studio. There he received a brief education on what it meant to improvise from the heart. Later on, he was invited to play on stage for the first time with Lucky Peterson's band. From that moment on, there was no looking back.

Frank became a local fixture at Connecticut's best open mics earning respect from fellow musicians and audiences alike. In his extremely short adventure as a musician, Frank has performed in many of Connecticut's most recognizable blues venues such as Black Eyed Sally's even expanding to Greenwich Village's popular club in New York City The Bitter End. As a session artist, he is currently working on his all original debut CD to be released late in 2013.

Majic Bullets

The journey of the Majic Bullets began in the late spring of 1994. With a handful of original song ideas and a love of classic rock music, Justin, Kirk & Shannon turned what began as one jam session into a hardworking music outfit. Together they put together a large catalog of material to perform live. Within two months they booked their first gig as an opening act at Scarlett O’Hara’s on Pratt St, in Hartford, CT. When they arrived at their second gig a few weeks later the Bar Manager had misspelled their name to read Majic with a J. They thought it was perfect and decided to keep it that way.

From 1994 through 2001 the Majic Bullets performed often throughout New England. It was difficult to practice since Kirk was studying music at Berklee School of Music in Boston, Shannon was working and going to college and Justin was working full time, but the band kept on despite these challenges. In March of 1995 the Majic Bullets recorded their first CD consisting of ten original songs entitled Good Enough for Government Work at Flight Path Productions with engineer Carl Monty and mastered by Jim Chapdelaine. The CD received modest radio airplay on 105.9 WHCN and 104.1 (now WMRQ) in 1995 & 1996.

In 2000 the Majic Bullets recorded the album Fuzzy Doctor Five at The Coffeehouse in Middletown, CT with engineer and producer Mike Arafeh. The album broke new ground for the band by incorporating folk and jazz elements into their classic rock sound. From 2002 through 2009 Kirk, Shannon & Justin played with a number of different acts independent of each other with the desire to expand their musical horizons.

On New Years Day 2010 the Majic Bullets reunited. Although rock music still remained the foundation of their sound, jazz, fusion and other genres were further incorporated into their new style. After a few weeks they began writing new songs together. In March of 2011 they played the first show in over 8 years together at Sully’s Pub in Hartford, CT. In June of 2011 they began recording A Horse Named Juan. They engineered and produced the album themselves. A Horse Named Juan was released in July 2012 and is available on ITunes and and has been played on 104.1 WMRQ in 2012.

Summer 2013 has already seen two live performances at The Hartford Room and The Yarde House Tavern. The Bullets are also currently composing a new album. Their new original material is a funky rock/fusion blend. The band also continues to incorporate clever covers from the likes of Steely Dan, Stone Temple Pilots, Radiohead, The Beatles, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin and various acts into their set.

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