Paul Barrere & Fred Tackett of Little Feat & Polytoxic's Last Show Ever (Polytoxic performing after Barrere & Tackett)

Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett of Little Feat

Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett are guitar players. In fact, they are guitar players with the legendary band Little Feat. Now, they have joined forces to form The Acoustic Duo that will leave you amazed and craving for more. The Acoustic Duo will be performing songs from their Little Feat catalog and beyond, with a decidedly different twist. They first played together on the Dixie Chicken album more than 35 years ago, and since then have played together, or individually, in numerous recording sessions for Little Feat and countless other great artists.

Paul and Fred began touring as The Acoustic Duo in 1999. Their pairing emerged from playing together acoustically at radio stations to promote Little Feat shows over the years and as a means to extend and express their musical interests. Paul and Fred recognized quickly that playing Feat songs with a couple of acoustic instruments put a whole new spin on their material. The approach provided a more organic feel to the songs they play. On stage they are seamless; they are two old friends who have been making great music together for decades. They have an unmistakable closeness and solidarity that extends to their audiences and defines their music.

Paul Barrere has been a member of Little Feat since 1972, joining the band just after the release of Sailing Shoes as a rhythm guitarist to back up Lowell George’s cutting slide. His formal education was just beginning. Leaving his old band, Led Enema, behind, he earned degrees in scatology and phunk-logistics while studying with Mssrs. George, Payne, Hayward, Gradney and Clayton, learning as a roads’ scholar. He has developed into a fine lead singer and songwriter, as well as the band’s slide guitarist over his many years with the Feat, adding his own stamp on the Feat’s catalog of material. Born July 3rd, 1948, and raised in Hollywood, California, both his parents were actors, and so his introduction and intoxication with show business came to him quite naturally.

Fred Tackett became a member of Little Feat in 1987, just before the making of Let It Roll, but in a sense, he has been a member for much longer, writing songs for and playing on recordings with Lowell George and the Feat since 1972. Born August 3, 1945, in Little Rock, Arkansas Fred Tackett grew up listen to big bands, jazz and early rock, served up via Bill Haley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles and Elvis Presley. After high school, Fred left for Texas – he went to East State University – followed by Oklahoma, Hawaii – as a musical director – and then California. He is one of the leading studio guitarists in Los Angeles since moving there in 1967 to join up with his old friend Jimmy Webb. Fred’s credits really are too numerous to list, but along with his many sessions, he found time to travel with Bob Dylan for three years, Bob Seger, and Boz Skaggs, just as Silk Degrees was spiraling up the Billboard charts.

Fred brings his multifaceted talents with a guitar, mandolin or trumpet to the table with Paul’s guitar and voice to provide an intimate collaboration in songs and stories from the road culled over years of touring. Once you’ve listened to or seen these two play, you’ll become a die hard fan instantly!! Their lives intertwine with rock’s evolution and their touring has brought them close to countless fans worldwide. While they’ve helped forge some immortal rock classic tunes, they also immerse themselves in folk, jazz, country and Cajun country blues. Whether you see them two nights in a row, or two times a year, you can bet that you won’t ever see the same concert….they mix it up and improvise nightly.

If you have the chance, take in a Paul and Fred or Little Feat show. Either way, you’re going to catch some fine music and have a great time. You can count on it!


By incorporating soulful vocals, powerful drum lines, and floating keys into their original material; Polytoxic provides the perfect springboard for improvised performances leading into a dance frenzy. With the combination of Tori Pater's raspy, rugged rock and roll voice, CR Gruver's ability to make his keyboard sound like the lead instrument, and Chad "Chadzilla" Johnson's enthralling drumming, Polytoxic demonstrates its versatility and ability to appeal to a wide variety of listeners.

After over 3,000 gigs and thousands of miles, keyboardist and bassist CR Gruver and guitarist Tori Pater met and played together in the Denver sextet, Two Ton Moxie; a group comprised of members of two of Denver's well-known bands, the Harry Parsons Project and the Crispy Critters. A year later, local Denver drummer Chad Johnson joined the band after years of playing with every musician in Colorado and giving lessons to every aspiring drummer in town. In July 2005, Polytoxic received the Westword Music Showcase award for “Best Jam/Improv band in Denver,” and have shared the stage with people like Bernie Worrell, Eric McFadden, Pnut Daniels, Leo Nocentelli, and Col Bruce. In just a few short months Polytoxic has established themselves as a driving force in the Denver music community. After years of kicking, clawing, and scratching their ways through the trenches of the always tumultuous music industry, Gruver, Pater, and Johnson find themselves together in Polytoxic where improvisation and unpredictability keeps them going. Since improvisation is what keeps these three interested in playing together, the same song is never played twice and every show is guaranteed to be different. This is a band that has no rules, no boundaries, and no doubts that their music can get the audience moving.

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