Blues Control

Blues Control

Lea Cho, keyboards; Russ Waterhouse, guitar, electronics

Blues Control doesn't sound like any other band in history. A unique combination of keyboards, guitar and tape manipulation, the duo casts their palette wide. Invoking such different genres (sometimes simultaneously) as new age, krautrock and noise, Blues Control has found audiences on tours across the US, Canada, Europe and beyond. After releasing records on labels like Sub Pop, Holy Mountain and Woodsist, their most recent album Local Flavor was released by perennial Philadelphia favorite Siltbreeze Records. Now based in the Lehigh Valley, Blues Control have performed at the SXSW Music Festival, Museu do Chiado in Lisbon, the Film Society of Lincoln Center, and the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia.

"There is blues in the band, but none of a specifically formal sort – at its highest volume and most violent, this is the ghost of whatever was kicking around in everyone's heads in the late 60s when metal wasn't codified as such and there was no such thing as a fuzz pedal too overdriven." – Ned Raggett, All Music Guide

Imaginary Softwoods

John Elliott has long toiled as a member of influential Cleveland outfit, Emeralds. Now that the band’s tentacles have long stretched from their ancestral home (with principle member Mark McGuire recently relocating to Portland) thanks to a stack of critically acclaimed and well-received releases, each member has begun to focus on their varying solo and side projects.

It’s with this care and dedication to craftsmanship that Elliott’s Imaginary Softwoods has exploded onto the scene in the midst of quite from Emeralds. His latest under the moniker, The Path of Spectrolite, proves another feather in not only Elliott’s cap but that of label Amethyst Sunset at capturing the underbelly of Ohio. It isn’t just rock and roll and Midwestern identity crises; a world removed from such old traditions exists and Elliott captures it beautifully throughout The Path of Spectrolite.

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