Anna Nalick

Anna Nalick is a platinum selling singer and songwriter from California. In addition to writing all of her own music, Anna has been writing for other artists since the age of 15.

Starting in 2005, Anna released her first studio produced album, entitled: “Wreck of the Day,” featuring the hit single “Breathe (2AM)” under the SonyMusic label. The song propelled to the top of the charts and sent Anna on a nearly four year tour around the world. Featuring her third hit single “Shine,” Anna and SonyMusic released “The Shine EP.” Both “Wreck of the Day” and “The Shine EP” can still be heard widely on radio and television today, with “Breathe” being featured twice on the hit television drama “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Wanting to pursue a musical style free of label influence, Anna decided to part ways with SonyMusic in 2010 and in 2011, released her first independently produced album: “Broken Doll & Odds & Ends.” Anna describes the album as: “mostly acoustic with haunting and unusual instrumentation. I wanted to release the songs I wrote while I was with Sony before I move on to all new material. I liked the songs too much to just leave them all behind. Now I’m ready to explore new territory.”

Utilizing the unique sounds of toy piano, sitar, glockenspiel, oud, mandocello and sweeping string arrangements, “Broken Doll & Odds & Ends” features a wide range of instruments, performed by a very talented collection of musicians. Anna’s unique storytelling ability and timeless sense of melody has gained even more notoriety with fans, selling over 30,000 copies during the album’s first month.

Presently, Anna is dedicating the majority of her time to writing for her next project. Unlike the acoustic feel of “Broken Doll & Odds & Ends,” Anna’s next album will be an electric collection of songs, featuring a full band and a bigger sound than previously produced.

The Reel is an Alternative Pop/Rock band that began with two guys and their acoustic guitars. It was hard to deny the musical connection; The Reel was born with their first album, Come Alive. After two years, Cameron and Curtis were introduced to Christian and they knew that he was right guy to lay down the groove. It was obvious who the other two band members would be. Kevin, a long time friend and guitarist, and Jacob, who truly knew the meaning of “slappa da bass!” Becoming more brothers than friends, The Reel found their sound. Coming from Placerville, California, The Reel is most commonly known to play around California in churches, bars, and festivals. However, they have made it around the United States and other countries, traveling to Niger, Africa and Delhi, India. In just the past two years, The Reel has accomplished national radio with their song, “Come Alive” as well as several interviews on local radio stations. They have also been featured in newspapers across California. In addition, The Reel is proud to be a partner of Courage to Be You, Inc., an international, non-profit organization dedicated to building homes and providing care for underage victims of human sex-trafficking. More recently, The Reel entered competition and headed to Nashville where they were privileged to perform at the CMAs and won 2nd place for their song “What If You Believed”. Their new song, “Made For You”, recently won Grand Prize for the West Coast Songwriters International Song Competition. Beyond their love of music, The Reel’s passion is to inspire, challenge, and move people. The Reel’s second album Stars is out now and can be purchased at live shows, from iTunes or from Amazon MP3.


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