MBUS Battle of the Bands Night 1


once upon a time, a baby was born. this baby was jesus. the baby was given copious amounts of frankensense (sp?) and murh (sp?). the babe did not want these things, however, for at a young age, young jesus strived for social acceptance. hard. striving. all of his peers were really into music. most were really into black eyed peas. but jesus wasnt down for that. he wanted the type of social acceptance that comes from being different and original. so he got really into peter frampton and frank zappa. as he aged, he would go on to throw some pretty religious (pun intended) parties with frank zappa's roadie named peaches. one night, over a beer and probably some pita chips (according to most historians), peaches and jesus devised a plan: TMZ. they would start a TV show that featured all the hot hollywood gossip. several years later, padre. formed.

Mexican Black Madonna

Big Morgan

Red Bay Aviators



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