Blow Wind Blow

Dumpster Hunter

Dumpster Hunter — led by the gangly, spasmodic Jeff Taylor — shatters the psychic wall between audience and performer, exposing a weird, compelling and emotionally naked universe.

The New Jersey born, Brooklyn based songwriter and his band – Mark Guiliana (Drums), Steve Wall (Guitar/Keys/Voice), and Chris Morrissey (Bass) – gang up on unsuspecting audiences, using their large mouths and acrobatic musical arrangements both as tools and semi-lethal weapons.

Exciting, sometimes unplanned sit-ins with artists like Feist, Matisyahu, and Trixie Whitley punctuated the last few years of Taylor's journey.

Dumpster Hunter's incendiary live set is largely comprised of the rollercoaster material from their debut album, 'Frustration In Time Travel,' the first release on Rockwood Music Hall Recordings, which is due out in January 2013.

Blackfoot Gypsies

Matthew Paige and Zack Murphy ARE the Blackfoot Gypsies. They are the amplifier for your heart and soul, your love and hate, your on and off, your push and pull. With caution being checked at the door, there is no room for thinking... only feeling. Breaking the lines between hipsters, punks, posers, dads, normies, cowboys, rockers, and burnouts; everyone gets stripped to the core on the floor. And no one leaves the same as they came before.
Scouting the future of the American music that has been progressing since the dawn of time. There's no stunting the Blackfoot and there's no stopping the Gypsies.
The torch has been lit and will be carried with pride, speaking up for a generation unlike any other. It's all happening here, and it's all happening now.

Sam Wahl

$10.00 - $12.00


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