Suffer The Wrath, They Die Screaming, Tyranny Enthroned

Suffer The Wrath

The Band originally formed in 2008 to released their first self titled ep with Shawn Payne of Vivesect as Lord Payne and former Obscured Records owner Chris Roach who went on to become guitarist Sinister Hell. After a short one year hiatus the band went on to reform in 2012 with new drummer Brandon Park of "Witness It All" and then brought on bassist Tylar Rogers of "Murder Theory" as Wretchlok The Destructor to complete the line up and release the 2nd ep Buried In Blood and become the brutal force that is now known as Suffer The Wrath. Look out for the full length Opposition Dethroned in 2013

They Die Screaming

In January 2007, Jerry Kavouriaris (ex Anal Autopsy, Elbow Deep), Steve Uildriks (Elbow Deep), Stephen Kavouriaris (Elbow Deep), and Ken Kurasz decided to start a band that would use their obsession for Horror and mix it with Death and Thrash metal. In May, 2007, guitarist, Justin Clark, (ex Trench Feeder and Paroxysm), joined the band. In May of 2009, Stephen Kavouriaris quit only to be replaced in July of 2009 by John Usher, (ex Mordrid and Degradation).... We are working on a few more songs. We are currently looking to record our 1st album, entitled (The Organic Phenomenon of Human Decay.)

Tyranny Enthroned

yranny Enthroned is blackened-death metal band hailing from St. Louis, Missouri. Starting in 2006 as a solo project turned full line-up in 2007 with Winston Alvarez(guitars) Jesse McCoy(guitars/backing vocals) Anthony George(bass guitar) Ryne Jones(lead vocals) and later recruiting Steve Lee(Drums) to begin playing live shows. Winston Alvarez leading in a different musical direction and parted ways with the rest of the band. The remaining four continued playing local shows and began to build a fan base, the band decided to record an E.P. "Eulogy" at firebrand recording.

E.p. in hand, Tyranny Enthroned would later perform alongside grindcore legends PHOBIA, and Putrid Pile at the "Mid American Metal Fest" in 2008, promoting their anti-theistic themes and philosophies to a broader audience.With solid music and recording, the band would share the stage with bands such as Origin, Vital Remains, and Goatwhore. After opening for Origin a second time, the band was discovered by Scott Fuller of Abysmal Dawn also on the tour and a proposition was made.

In the spring of 2012, Ryne Jones was let go from the band due to personal and musical differences. Tyranny returned to Firebrand Studios alongside
Scott Fuller's Trench Studios/Sinminister Productions to begin recording their debut full-length "Born of Hate" set to release in summer 2012. Their debut album "Born of Hate" bends the traditional confines of blackened death metal with sadistic precision and technical loathing. After recording, the band brought Winston Alvarez back in to the group. Now with Steve lee(drums) Anthony George(bass) Jesse McCoy(guitars/lead vocals) and Winston Alvarez(guitars/backing vocals) the band has a driven and focused lineup.

Tyranny Enthroned is a band bringing a European influenced black/death hybrid style to the United States. Along with a precision for combining dark atmospheric black metal with a brutal and crushing form of death metal. Equipped with professional gear and a touring vehicle, Tyranny Enthroned is a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene!

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